multi-function cabinet / for instruments / for medicine / catheter
JDGRS153A Beijing Jingdong Technology



  • Type:


  • Use:

    for instruments, for medicine, catheter

  • Facility:

    hospital, doctor's office, for dental clinics

  • Features:

    with door, with tambour door, with tray

  • Other characteristics:

    with electronic lock, wall-mounted, aluminum


1.Rolling shutter door,which is easier to pull the door down, and convenient to get objects.
2.ABS high strength sliding rail is equipped in the cabinet, which has the function of pulling out tilt and fixing.
The trolley is equipped with the ABS transparent medicine box for convenient classification and storage of medical devices.
3.Catheter holder or tray can be selected as needed.
4.Wall installation saves space and facilitates ground cleaning.

Optional configuration
1.Tray board
2.Stainless steel wire basket
3.Catheter holder
4.ABS transparent medicine box
5.PC transparent divider
6.Digital lock