treatment cart / medicine distribution / medication / with drawer
Medicart Drawer Small Belintra



  • Applications:

    treatment, medicine distribution

  • Use:


  • Components:

    with drawer

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, modular


The “Small” version of the standard Medicart has the same sleek and unique look. It is made from the same carefully selected, durable materials that have been subjected to quality tests.

The design of the Medicart Small is based on a new concept. You can configure the 12 drawer positions any way you want with drawers for baskets that are 50, 100 and 200 mm high (300 x 400 mm).

The smaller dimensions make these carts highly maneuverable and user-friendly for medication distribution in the room. All you need to do is place the necessary subdividers in the baskets to separate the doses for each patient.