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rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse ® Bruker Daltonics Inc.



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    for the pharmaceutical industry


rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse ® - Accelerate uHTS with Mass Spectrometry
The rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse (MPP) accelerates label-free hit finding in drug discovery: rapifleX MPP combines the unambiguousness of mass spectrometry with the required speed to comb through large compound libraries of millions of substances.

The use of mass spectrometry allows the measurement of unmodified substrates in primary screens to avoid false positives or false negatives, making confirmation screens redundant. The system is designed for fully automatic handling of 1536 sample plates to screen more than a million compounds in a week in support of drug discovery.

The MPP system allows for the measurement of unmodified substrates in primary biochemical screens, and offers several advantages:

It effectively eliminates confirmatory assays typically required of traditional fluorescence-based screening techniques
Saves costs for developing specific fluorescence probes or antibodies
Doesn’t require expensive solvents or consumables for continuous operation
Allow sample volume down to 25nl