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patient data management software / DICOM viewing / reporting / for archiving
patient data management software

SonoSite Patient Data Archival System (PDAS) facilitates the archiving of examinations with your Fujifilm SonoSite ultrasound system, giving you the ability to view images and reports in a centralized location. Connect. Share. Collaborate. SonoSite ...

image analysis software / image enhancement / visualization / treatment planning
image analysis software
Planmeca Romexis

... - Taking a full intraoral mouth series is easy - Open software platform which integrates directly with practice management software - Practical patient record system - Advanced 3D diagnostics and ...

control software / planning / import / treatment
control software

Designed for more Speed, Control & Advanced Care Eclipse™ is an integrated and comprehensive treatment planning system which supports a variety of treatment options including protons, electrons, external beam, low-dose-rate brachytherapy, ...

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Varian Oncology
import software / simulation / reporting / planning
import software
Pinnacle³ Syntegra

... multi-modality image registration for treatment planning integrated within Pinnacle. Syntegra multi-modality registration software shortens the radiation therapy planning cycle and results in more confident diagnoses.

import software / 3D simulation / for dental prosthesis design / for dental restorations
import software

... of supports via the cloning tool Import of intermediate elements and shaping of the metal protective support Workflow integration: Design on the basis of the restoration planned with the Zirkonzahn.Modellier software

CAM software / CAD / file import / dental
CAM software

Module for the modification of milling parameters, for nesting and milling of finalised tooth restoration files of other producers in an open STL format (crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays/veneers, bars, screw-retained restorations, bite ...

sample analysis software / management / import / for sample tracking
sample analysis software

... storage inventory organised. Samples software includes a host of features designed to streamline your sample storage workflows and makes adding and searching sample information quick and simple. Its intuitive import ...

visualization software / control / diagnostic / acquisition
visualization software

QuickVision The comprehensive dental imagery software solution Description QuickVision imaging software is especially designed for dental surgeries. It includes a patient database, an imaging module and ...

analysis software / visualization / diagnostic / planning
analysis software
QuickVision 3D

QuickVision 3D Ultra-comprehensive software for implant planning Description QuickVision 3D is extremely comprehensive implant planning software that generates panoramic images, cross-sections and bone ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management
image analysis software

DermEngine is a convenient and secure dermatology platform available anytime, anywhere. Compatible with numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) dermatoscopes and several cameras, it allows health professionals and institutions ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / telehealth program management
image analysis software
Full Body Imaging/ Molematch / MoleMap

Full-Body Imaging (FBI) is the most advanced, web-based system for capturing and analysing full-body images, storing images of different body parts, and evaluating new or changing lesions. The FBI tool evaluates skin conditions, such ...

mammography software / visualization / image analysis / image enhancement
mammography software
Med Mammo

Med Mammo Med Mammo is a mammography diagnostic workstation which combines ease of use and high performance features. Med Mammo allows multimodality image reading including tomosynthesis Med Mammo's features: Interoperability ...

image enhancement software / patient data management / patient dose management / acquisition
image enhancement software
Med X-Ray

Our flat panel solution benefits from outstanding features: Flat panel detectors available in 2 sizes: 1417 & 1717, light and robust, easily portable and secure, fit slim standard cassette sizes Technology: CsI and/or Gadox direct ...

DICOM viewing software / diagnostic / measurement / medical image import
DICOM viewing software
Med Diag

Med Diag is a multimodality workstation which main purpose is to print in a very efficient way. Med Diag We give the user all the tools to combine speed and high performance features. CR and DR workstation used by some of the leaders. Simple ...

medication management software / control / import / traceability
medication management software

... trays for Dispense medications that are not inside the PDS machine. Functionalities -Create or import your patient data -Create your own posologies -Import lots directly from your system and proceed ...

3D viewing software / DICOM viewing / reporting / preoperative planning
3D viewing software
mediCAD HIP 3D

mediCAD Hip® 3D opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of carrying out the anatomical assessment, planning and measurements of the hip, thereby implementing optimal, audit-compliant operation preparation. A modern and intuitive ...

3D viewing software / DICOM viewing / preoperative planning / import
3D viewing software
mediCAD Knee 3D

... many features that make mediCAD Knee® 3D an indispensable tool for your day-to-day work. The most important features: - Import assistant/Interactive help - Anatomical 3D and 2D view - Segmentation of the 3D object ...

image analysis software / management / control / measurement
image analysis software

MULTIWAVE MultiWave installed on SensUS (SensUS Touch or SensUS View) provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested by clinicians. MultiWave is an intuitive user interface with user-friendly command ...

import software / interpretation / for PCR / laboratory
import software
BioVisor© RT

BioVisor RT software facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained with RealType products for the study of point mutations through genotyping tests by Real-time PCR. BioVisor RT imports the ...

analysis software / management / monitoring / import
analysis software
BioVisor© RC

Support software for RealCycler products The BioVisor RC software facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained with RealCycler products for the detection and quantification of pathogens. The ...

genetic software / data analysis / visualization / import
genetic software

... SUBCLONE VISUALIZATION Explore clone distribution with key annotations. From sequence import to data analysis and publication-ready visualization, this turnkey software ensures you gain meaningful insights ...

analysis software / data management / sharing / import
analysis software

Speed up research & biomarker discovery Xplore1, 2 helps connect researchers around the globe, driving discovery of new drugs and biomarkers. Create, manage, interrogate, and share individual and collaborative studies with a ...

analysis software / for archiving / import / ophthalmology
analysis software
Icare® LINK

Icare® LINK software to store and analyze the measurement data Icare® LINK software completes the new Icare® product group of Icare® PRO and HOME tonometers by offering a perfect tool to analyze measurement ...

analysis software / reporting / control / acquisition
analysis software
SoftMax Pro 7

... measurement The software offers a variety of options to initiate the measurement of a microplate assay through prewritten protocols with included acquisition settings or by setting custom experiment parameters. Import ...

analysis software / management / reporting / radiation dose monitoring
analysis software
MyQA® Patients

... user management system Workflow Efficiency Fast preparation of new patient data and equipment Swift and convenient import from TPS Prepare patient data and treatment plans in your office before you measure at ...

import software / treatment / for NMR spectrometry
import software
Delta 5, ALICE2

Features Delta NMR Software NMR software ‘Delta’ is the standard software for the JNM-ECZR/ECZS/ECA/ECX/ECS/ECAII/ECXII series instruments. The newest version of Delta 5, is a user-friendly ...

analysis software / management / diagnostic / acquisition
analysis software
Embla® RemLogic™

Embla® RemLogic™ Software Embla RemLogic Software is ideal for all PSG study types, ranging from the basic detection of obstructive sleep apnea to more complex studies that require additional EEG and ...

diagnostic software / import / treatment / clinical
diagnostic software

... a Haag-Streit biometer, perimeter or imaging system, you always use the same EyeSuite software with the same patient manager, the same preferences, the same import/export and the same backup process. ...

3D viewing software / preoperative planning / 3D simulation / import
3D viewing software

Virtual Planning for CMF SurgeryCranio-maxillofacial surgery offers unique challenges. Materialise ProPlan CMF was designed specifically to allow surgeons to more accurately plan critical clinical decisions, with the goal of simplifying ...

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animal research software / data management / acquisition / import
animal research software

METABOLISM software is the last element of the chain of components of the Panlab OXYLET,FOOD and DRINK and PHYSIOCAGE systems. METABOLISM allows the extraction of the data obtained from these Panlab devices as well as ...

acquisition software / import / capillary electrophoresis / chromatography
acquisition software
Clarity CE ®

... powerful acquisition software for Capillary Electrophoresis but also for chromatography. Signals come from Wyn-CE could be saved into several files type (AIA, TXT, ASCII, EZ Chrom, Excel, PDF…etc.). Once saved, users ...

import software / analysis / reporting / medical imaging
import software
CAAS IntraVascular

... Features Study list with PACS connectivity Raw OCT data import with z-offset correction Automatic longitudinal and cross-sectional contours Easily perform contour adjustments, which the software ...