pachymeter / ophthalmological ultrasound system / ultrasound biometer / ultrasound pachymetry
PIROP A+P+B Echo-Son



  • Type of instrument:

    pachymeter, ophthalmological ultrasound system, ultrasound biometer

  • Examination:

    ultrasound pachymetry

  • Ergonomics:



PIROP – state-of-the-art ophthalmic ultrasonic device for Biometry , Visualization and Pachymetry of eyeballs (A+B+P Scan) – modified version.

A-SCAN – Ocular Lens biometrics
Digital ‘A-scan’ tool for ophthalmology, biometry and lens power calculation of intra-ocular implants.

B-SCAN – Eye examination
Modern ‘B-scan’ tool for ophthalmology, interior eyeball imaging, retina, optical nerve …

PACHYMETER (P-SCAN) – Ocular Cornea biometrics
Up-to-date ultrasonic pachymeter (corneal thickness biometrics) with a very high sampling frequency (400MHz)- a significant increase in measurement accuracy.

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