image-guided radiation therapy linear particle accelerator / with robotized positioning table
Synergy® Elekta



  • Type of therapy:

    image-guided radiation therapy

  • Components:

    with robotized positioning table


The Elekta Synergy system had designed the first linear accelerator which brought the 3D image guidance with the treatment set up procedures. The system composed of tools for imaging which enables the doctors to see the normal tissue and the tumor targets and their movements within and during the fractions. The combination of Elekta Synergy gantry with this technology makes the clinicians to take images with the patient in the position of the treatment and ensures setup optimization of the patient prior to the therapy. The main imaging tools of the device are 3D and 4D* volumetric cone-beam imaging which is used for visualizing soft tissue, like fluoroscopic 2D real-time imaging is used for continuously moving targets and 2D kV imaging is utilized in case of orthogonal and standard planar imaging. Elekta Synergy also comes with a feature of advanced ultra-low leakage field shaping including a completely combined multileaf collimator. Along with these, a 40 x 40 cm continuous field size which makes the treatment of greater field targets simple and easier. It contains an inline and driven reconstruction.