laboratory fume hood / for clean rooms / walk-in / modular
FU xx BR/SR series Envair Deutschland



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for clean rooms

  • Configuration:

    walk-in, modular

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical laminar flow, stainless steel, polycarbonate


ENVAIR CleanFLOW VFU Modules are units with vertical laminar flow which offer ISO3 class conditions according to ISO 14644-1 and which can be linked together from small modules up to modules reaching cleanroom size. These LAF modules may be standing on stainless steel feet or may be suspended from the ceiling.

Polycarbonate or PVC strip curtains with quick-release system at the edges of the modules separate the clean area underneath the modules from the external environment. Taylor-made modular units can be mounted and suspended across the limited area barrier (RABS) of pharmaceutical production units to maintain product sterility during filling procedures.

Special ENVAIR LAF-Modules can be used in many ways; in food and beverage industry to build up a strong positive pressure inside the filling machine to avoid external contamination during the filling process.