podiatry examination chair / electric / height-adjustable / 3 sections
Concept Euroclinic Medi-Care Solutions



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    3 sections


When it comes to podiatry you need the most professional chairs like the CONCEPT. This chair is designed to satisfy the most professional needs of the podiatry office. This chair is versatile, elegant, and made from the highest quality. The silent actuators enable the rise and lowering movement and it has a back-rest that is fully adjustable. It offers a multifunctional pedal that offers independent operation on each one of the actuators and it is possible to select two positions at the same time. These positions can be easily memorized through the buttons and can easily be recalled through the activation of two buttons on the pedal. The back rest can be easily moved electronically and the leg rests can be opened up 30 degrees. The operator can easily move the chair into the Trendelenbourg position.