podiatry examination chair / electropneumatic / height-adjustable / 3 sections
Podopeg/E - Podopeg Euroclinic Medi-Care Solutions



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    3 sections


In collaboration with our 5 domain experts we have come up with our revolutionary product by the name Podopeg which is a podiatry and chiropody patient chair that is composed. It is operated and worked by extremely quiet low-strain electric actuators that empower the climbing and plunge of the chair from a measure of 46 cm off the floor ("0" position) up to a greatest of 88 cm.
Synchronized with the climbing development, at greatest height the leg-rests are 110 cm off the floor this Trendelenbourg is positioned. Our back-rest movement can also go as low as 180° because of a gas pump. The leg-rest could be moved independently and it might be physically augmented which is then positioned by method of the bolting mechanism.
Podopeg presents three separate variants, which are diverse just in the mechanical developments, yet equivalent in style:
Podopeg-It is a Chair with one engine that electrically controls the climbing and plummets in the heights of the chair.
Podopeg/e-It is a Chair with leg rests that again situate and plummets by being electrically moved and the chair’s backrest can be physically moved.