12-channel pediatric electrocardiograph / digital / with printer / with display
CT200 Farstar (Wuxi) Medical Equipment



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  • Technology:


  • Options:

    with printer, with display



■ 7 inch Touch and color screen

■ 12-channel ECG machine withdigital signal processor

■ Standard 12-lead ECG and synchronous data collection acquisition

■ Large record storage capacity

■ Only takes 8s to obtain ECG signal

■ Real –time ECG data display

■ Link with computer to store and print out the record

■ 50mm Thermal Paper printing

■ Innovative cable and electrode specially for neonates

■ AC-DC power supply with rechargeable battery

■ USB,RJ45 connection

■ Small and light with 1.2kg weight

■ Portable device bag for easy-used