cardiovascular disease POCT analyzer / for inflammatory diseases / for kidney disease / fertility
Getein 1600 Getein Biotech



  • Applications:

    for cardiovascular diseases, for inflammatory diseases, for kidney disease, fertility, for diabetes, coagulation

  • Tested parameter:

    cTnI, blood glucose, TSH, PCT, CRP, myoglobin, cystatin C, hemoglobin, BNP, D-dimer, HbA1c

  • Sample type:

    whole blood, plasma, serum

  • Analysis mode:

    immunoassay, immunofluorescence

  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen, with printer


Getein1600 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer is a bench-top diagnostic analyzer. Combined together with bar-coded, ready-to-use strip cassettes, Getein1600 is designed to deliver accurate testing results in minutes. The elegant design makes Getein1600 can be used to great advantage in both routine and EMERGENCY testing situations in the clinical arena. Considering Its superior performance, compact design, easy of use, and minimal maintenance, Getein1600 is the optimal choice for clinics, research laboratories, and biotechnology companies.