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support pillow / visco-elastic foam / rectangular



  • Type:


  • Material:

    visco-elastic foam

  • Other characteristics:



Curve is a moulded pillow manufactured in our factory with a very high density viscoelastic foam of 86 kg/m3.The ergonomic shape of the Curve pillow instantly adjusts to your contours to relax neck and shoulders. Perfect support for reading, it helps maintaining a proper spinal alignment in all sleep positions.Delivered with a bamboo viscose cover.Dimensions for «Curve» pillow:❐ 47 x 32 x 10cm Visco ref 420707 Visco + Gel ref 420607❐ 50 x 32 x 10cm Visco ref 420703 Visco + Gel ref 420603❐ 60 x 40 x 10cm Visco ref 420702 Visco + Gel ref 420602

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