vital sign telemonitoring iOS application / monitoring / telehealth / medical
Hicare Smart Hicare



  • Function:

    vital sign telemonitoring, monitoring

  • Application domain:

    telehealth, medical

  • Other characteristics:

    for tablet PC, for smartphones


Anytime, Anywhere Share Your Health Status
Telehealth Monitoring Mobile

Hicare Smart is a healthcare mobile application that would be installed on Android and iOS based smart devices. It is a mobile platform software package of supplying telemedicine service, which can measure individual’s health status such as blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, temperature and cholesterol by using this app together with integrated devices.


Healthcare Mobile App for Android, iOS based smart phones and tablets
Vital sign measurement
Automatic measurement data transfer
Video chat (consultation)
Working with variety of peripheral devices
Flexible customization
Call to Customer Center
Emergency Call Center
Photos (Take photo and send)