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spirometry iOS application / sharing / analysis / test
spirometry iOS application
MIR Spiro®

Simple and intuitive App for Spirometry and Oximetry test directly on your iPad A smarter way to perform spirometry! Maximum ease of use in primary care An expert beside you Highly innovative virtual assistant supporting the operator ...

planning iOS application / treatment / for dental implantology / endodontic
planning iOS application

... function is included as well. Installed directly into the existing dental unit, the system is easily controlled through an Apple® tablet. The iOptimaINT therefore requires minimal space and guarantees a perfectly functional ...

control iOS application / endodontic / for smartphones / for tablet PC
control iOS application

... optional warranty available through Bien-Air's PlanCare extended warranty program. THE APPLICATION For all your restorative and endodontic procedures, the iOptima application now offers numerous preprogrammed ...

iOS training application / patient data management / data management / patient report management
iOS training application

furniture fittings iOS application / medical / dental / for smartphones
furniture fittings iOS application

... also medical practices and workplaces where hygiene and design are top priorities! Also available for Apple and Android tablets.

appointment management iOS application / planning / dental / for smartphones
appointment management iOS application

... your appointments, wherever and whenever you want. MyAgenda is your daily and weekly web organizer, available on smartphone, tablet and any kind of device with a web browser and internet connection. With MyAgenda all ...

iOS training application / dental / for tablet PC
iOS training application

... revolutionary system for an iPad or an iPhone. iEduco is developed for the visual communication and for patient education on PC. This product that shows the patient’s various types of treatment available through 3D animations, ...

dental iOS application / for dental prosthesis design / for smartphones / for tablet PC
dental iOS application

This app is an aid for dentists, dental technicians and patients for the selection of teeth. It could not be any easier. CANDULOR has developed this app to facilitate tooth selection for sets of teeth. This allows selection of suitable, ...

iOS visualization application / for communication / for PACS / for smartphones
iOS visualization application
INFINITT Mobile Viewer

INFINITT Mobile Viewer has sanctions physicians to view both stored and live medical images, patient histories and reports on demand from their iPhones, iPads and other smart phones.It has facilitated radiologists to check with a referring ...

iOS visualization application / for communication / diagnostic / image capture
iOS visualization application

Designed for the easy, fast, and secure transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to on-call and other radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad. aycan mobile Features Work easily with a simple interface, auto ...

iOS training application / simulation / surgery / for smartphones
iOS training application

Background This procedure demonstrates how to perform a Pulmonary Wedge Resection. A Pulmonary wedge resection is a minimally invasive, video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), which is used to resect (or remove) part of a lung. This ...

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Touch Surgery
iOS patient data management application / medical / for tablet PC
iOS patient data management application
Clipboard App

Let your patients enter their own dataClipboard App pre-fills registration forms on the iPad or iPad Mini. Patients do it all - register, enter intake information, update medical and social history, sign HIPAA and release forms, and take ...

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viewer iOS application / for histopathology laboratories / virtual microscopy / for tablet PC
viewer iOS application
Mobile Pathology Tool

Experience true mobile pathology! Features • All you need is an iPad, the Viewer software and internet access • Open digital slides from CaseCenter or PathoNet • Every basic viewing and navigation function of the Pannoramic Viewer ...

iOS alert management application / reporting / medical / for tablet PC
iOS alert management application
Instant Notifier

The Instant Notifier application provides an effective way to immediately notify users when a MobileView alert occurs. The application automatically pops-up a window that displays important information ...

diagnostic iOS application / test / ophthalmology / for tablet PC
diagnostic iOS application

... information on color vision deficiencies. ColorDx is available for Android, iPAD, Windows, Mac and as a web distributed application.

facial modeling iOS application / scan / dental / for tablet PC
facial modeling iOS application
FaceApp Pro

Bellus3D FaceApp Pro For iPad Pro Features: •New Design for Professional Markets •360 Degree Full-Head Scanning •New Editing Functions for Professionals

vital sign telemonitoring iOS application / monitoring / telehealth / medical
vital sign telemonitoring iOS application
Hicare Smart

... Anywhere Share Your Health Status Telehealth Monitoring Mobile Hicare Smart is a healthcare mobile application that would be installed on Android and iOS based smart devices. It is a mobile platform ...

video recording iOS application / visualization / management / medical
video recording iOS application

... Surgical Cases to Review, Annotate, Playback, Download, Surgical Reporting. iOS7 or iOS8 Compatibility, Remote Control Feature and the ability to archive directly to our MedXStream™ iOS ...