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laboratory sample preparation system / for electron microscopy / bench-top / high-throughput
IB-19530CP Jeol



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for electron microscopy

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-throughput, high-speed


The IB-19530CP features an innovatively designed, multi-purpose stage to fulfill increasingly diversified market needs and realize multi-functionality by different kinds of functional holders. The multi-purpose stage combined with specialized functional holders allows the user to perform various functions such as planar surface milling and polishing, sputter coating as well as more traditional cross-section ion milling.

High throughput
The high-speed ion source and auto start function deliver milling results quickly.

Auto processing program
High-speed processing and finishing can be programmed to prepare high quality cross sections in a short period of time. Intermittent processing can also be programmed to enhance preparation of materials of low melting temperature and susceptible to ion beam irradiation.

Ease of setup
The modularized holder allows accurately milling area adjustment either inside the IB-19530CP or by utilizing an external optical microscope.

Multi-purpose stage
Additional functions including planar surface milling and ion beam sputter coating can be utilized via a variety of holders.

Long life shielding plate
The life of shielding plate is about three times as durable as that of conventional products, which allows for a higher processing rate and longer lifetime.