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vital sign simulator / auscultation / infant / whole body



  • Procedure:

    vital sign, auscultation

  • Type:


  • Form:

    whole body


With this simulator, infant vital signs can be measured and the entire body can be monitored. A crying-sound function reproduces the clinical setting more realistically, while heart and breathing sounds can be checked, creating hands-on training of measurement and monitoring close to those of the actual clinical environment.


Control box
Heart and respiratory rates

The heart rate and respiratory rate are displayed digitally over a normal range, and the infants status can easily be set by turning a rotary dial.

Heart sounds and breathing sounds

An external speaker provided on the control box make these sounds audible to persons in the nearby environment.
The sounds can be set independently, so the balance can be adjusted to match the status settings.
Highly realistic sounds are produced with clear sound quality.

Crying-sound function

Four different crying patterns can be reproduced.
Four buttons are provided to enable direct operation.

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