type B2 biosafety cabinet / laboratory / floor-standing
BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2 (231.120) LAMSYSTEMS GmbH



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    type B2

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Application of the microbiological safety cabinet class II type B2

Protection of an operator and environment from airborne infection when working with pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and microorganisms including highly (especially) hazardous pathogenic groups by their physical isolation (contamination and controlled removal);
Minimization of risks of external and cross contamination;
If connected to the individual active exhaust system, cabinet can be used for work with toxic chemical substances and radio nuclides in low quantities and for odor removal from the work agents. Exhaust hood for connection to the exhaust system is supplied with the cabinet.
Cabinet is designed to equip workstations in medical, pharmaceutical, and other institutes working with pathogenic biological agents and microorganisms.
Absence of recirculation in the cabinet allows working with small amounts of toxic and chemical substances in the cabinet.