Ankle and foot orthosis (AFO) / dynamic
Walk On Flex, Walk On Trimable Ottobock


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    ankle and foot orthosis (AFO)

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Walk On® Flex / Walk On Trimable® is a dynamic AFO that provides the user with a good foot lift. Clearance is improved and the users tendencys to stumble will be markedly reduced. When used together with a stable shoe, the users midfoot will be stabilised, preventing supination of the foot. Balance and a feeling of safety increases which is an important factor for the patient to stay alternatively become more active.
Walk On® Flex / Walk On Trimable® is meant to be used for permanent disabilities.

High level user compliance
Walk On® Flex / Walk On Trimable® is very discrete, due to its dorsal/medial pylon. The calf part is made of a soft and comfortable material, PCM. The patient will not get warm and no bad smell will occur. (Machine wash at 40°C is recommended.)


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