Ankle and foot orthosis / dynamic
Walk On Flex, Walk On Trimable Ottobock


  • Type:

    ankle and foot orthosis

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Provides the user with a dynamic and physiological gait
Natural heel strike
Increase step length and walking speed
Prevent foot slap
Smooth roll-over in the heel and forefoot zone
Good foot lift (clearance)
Energy is stored and used in the swing phase
A stable shoe together with the medial strut prevent supination
The user is provided with a slight outward rotation of the foot during swing phase


Easy adapted to the shoe size by a pair of scissors - no grinding needed
Manufactured in composite material, which allows for a smooth and slim design
High durability
Light weight
Two comfortable calf band in PCM® (Phase change material = temperature regulative material) included in each package
Easy to don and doff


Drop foot with no more than mild spasticity, e.g. after stroke, traumatic brain injury, in multiple sclerosis, neural muscle atrophy, peroneal palsy etc.
Especially appropriate when the ability to lift the foot decreases during activities (muscle exhaustion)


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