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NIBP simulator / heart rate / monitor / portable
SC-5 SimCube® Pronk Technologies



  • Procedure:

    NIBP, heart rate

  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:



The full-featured SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator provides ECG, Resp, Arrhythmias, Pacer Simulation, IBP, and more for accurate biomedical testing. The SimCube simulates real-life oscillometric pulses by varying both the shape and size of the wave as cuff pressure changes. All SimCube NIBP simulators feature one-button operation in a compact, 3-inch cube. Get 150-250 NIBP simulations from a set of 4 “AA” alkaline or NIMH batteries using the optional Battery Boost. View the product manual on our User Manuals page.

SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator Features:

Adult (120/80 mmHg), Neonatal (70/40 mmHg), Hypertensive (190/120 mmHg), and Hypotensive (80/40 mmHg) NIBP Simulations
Digital Manometer
12-lead ECG Simulation
Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) Dynamic values (120/80, 70/40, 190/120)
7 static IBP values (0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250)
Heart Rate/Respiration sequence
Over Pressure (Peak Detect) Test mode measures the peak pressure produced by the patient monitor. The readout latches the highest pressure value sensed, in 0.1mmHg steps.
Leak Rate Test Mode