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X-ray protective apron / front protection / side protection
Optimus DR Top Rothband



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective apron

  • Protection:

    front protection, side protection


Our Optimus two-piece styles split the weight between the shoulder and hips at a 40:60 ratio, making this style easier to wear for longer periods of time due to the much reduced weight hanging for your shoulders. The addition of an internal weight adjuster belt makes this a truly comfortable apron.The DR Style Top features one closed side and is an ideal apron for those who normally work sideways on to the imaging table, as the wearer is fully protected on the closed side. You also have a choice of which side is closed depending on your needs. The clip on the shoulder holds the apron in place and allows for quick and easy removal once the clip is pressed.As all Rothband aprons are made to order we can offer a truly personalised gown to suit all your needs, from a choice of patterns, outer and inner colours and fastenings to added pockets and embroidery.