electric Bobath table / on casters / height-adjustable / 2-section
ST4562 SEERS Medical



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  • Features:

    on casters, height-adjustable

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This Bobath therapy couch has a choice of two sizes for the upholstery width: 41 inches or 49 inches. There is also an extra large model with 59 inches of upholstery width. Bobath treatment techniques require the wide treatment surface. This couch provides a safe and capable lifting capacity for the patient and the therapist. The safe working load can be up to 550 pounds.

The power assisted head and foot section of the utilize an anti-trap design.

There is a large height range from 18 inches to 39 inches. The height can be adjusted electronically or manually.

This therapy couch also boasts a retractable wheel design and adjustable foot for stability on uneven surfaces. There are precision bearings on all pivot points. There is some clearance beneath the frame for mobile hoist.

A hand switch is fitted onto electric models.

The Bobath therapy couch also comes with your choice of upholstery colors.