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8.0 MHz | BV-620VP Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



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Vascular BV-620VP is designed to identify the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8.0 MHz along with detection of the blood flow average velocity, the outcome of finger/toes and part of human body's vein anatomies operation. Its LCD screen can show the average of blood flow immediately, wave form intensity and the detecting outcome of the blood stream synchronously. It is integrated with printer through which it can print accurate monitored blood stream graphics accurately. RS-232 port enables it to connect with a computer to store data. Besides having optional software, it has ultrasonic frequency of 8.0MHz±10% (5.0MHz for option). Its speed measuring range varies from 0-100cm/s with graphic display range of 0-60cm/s. The error is less than 20% (comparative error) while measuring speed.