vascular diagnostic patient monitor / oscillographic / ECG / TEMP
AngE DIABETIC SOT Medical Systems



  • Applications:

    vascular diagnostic, oscillographic

  • Measured parameters:

    ECG, TEMP, non-invasive blood pressure, systolic pressure

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    ABI, continuous, non-invasive, Doppler, TBI, finger pressure, Toe Systolic Pressure, with touchscreen, USB, computer-based, with built-in printer, high-resolution


Innovative vascular screening for diabetes.

The AngE uses the innovative TOPP method to, besides measuring on ankle and wrists, also allow the measurement on fingers and toes (including forefoot- and toe pressure measurement with TBI) and therefore provide a fast and secure diagnosis of the peripheral vessel status of diabetics, despite calcified vessels (media sclerosis).