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MDL-500 Sunny Optoelectronic Technology



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MDL 500    Medical Diode Laser Instrument
MDL-500 medical diode laser instrument  Its output power is 500mw, and its very stable, its volume is very small, easy to operation, a extensively treat range, its expediently for carry. 
 Handle :There are 5 laser diode 808nm and 1 LED 630nm.
  Output 1 way:  wavelength 808nm,and wavelength 630nm.
  The output laser power can be adjusted.
Low Level Laser Therapy
As a noninvasive contact medical device, Cold lasers have been used in LLLT in medical field for over 30 years and have a long record of successful clinical studies demonstrating medical efficacy and safety.
MDL 500 Medical Diode Laser parameter:
Technical parameter
Output way 1Way ( B )
808nm Laser power :500mWx6
630nm LED power:200mW×1
Pulse modulation:on/off=0.5/0.5S
Dimension (mm):300×210×80
Weight:  2Kg
Electrical input AC110 or 230V
Warranty 1 years

A:  laser head can choose below various kinds wavelength
wavelength  808nm* 650nm 532nm 904nm 980nm
laser power   500mW 200mW 30mW 500mW 200mW
* standard configuration