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temperature sensor / pressure / humidity / laboratory
temperature sensor
FH0D 46- C

Miniature multi-sensor module for measuring temperature, humidity, and pressure with integrated EEPROM Designs and specifications see data sheet

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oxygen sensor / for respiratory devices / laboratory
oxygen sensor

The FDO2 is an optical oxygen sensor for gas measurements based on luminescence quenching of a sensor dye. The dye is excited with red light, and the properties of the resulting luminescence are measured in the near infrared. The presence ...

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Pyro Science GmbH
spectrophotometer cuvette
spectrophotometer cuvette

Features & Benefits Ultra Low volume requirement as little as 0.6 μl Easy to use Magnetic closing action Surfaces are easy to wipe clean after measurement Fast and accurate measurements Wide dynamic range using different pathlength Quick ...

weighing table / rectangular / anti-vibration
weighing table

Ergonomically styled, the AVT offers a solid, stable surface developed specifically to help decrease vibration during measurement. When used in tandem with a balance, the table allows the balance to perform with marked precision, despite ...

automatic melting point instrument / digital
automatic melting point instrument

for the determination of the melting point of pulverized substances in glass capillary tubes for identification of the substance. Principle: After setting the start temperature (approx. 3 °C less than the expected melting point) the ...

laboratory density meter
laboratory density meter
EDM 5000

Precise and fast measurement Integrated reference oscillator High-precision temperature measurement Automatic detection of gas bubbles

gas flow meter / mass / thermal
gas flow meter

The mass flow meter (MFM) type 8006 is suited for measuring the mass flow of high gas flows. The thermal inline sensor is located directly in the gas stream and therefore reaches very fast response times. Type 8006 can optionally be calibrated ...

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Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG Fluid Control Systems
CO2 sensor
CO2 sensor

The CAPNOSTAT 5 Sensor is the ideal capnography solution for your patient monitoring system.It provides technologically advanced measurement of End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2), respiration rate, and a clear, accurate capnogram at all ...

temperature sensor / humidity / laboratory / wireless
temperature sensor

The Remote TRH-03-25 Sensor comes with ±0.3°C (0.54°F) and ±2.5% RH accuracy. The Remote sensor uses the latest sensor technology which offers long-term stability and resistance against pollutants. With NIST Traceable multipoint calibration ...

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
bubble point analyzer / laboratory / benchtop / fully-automatic
bubble point analyzer
ASTM D-1120

PD1120CC from Pilodist GmbH on Vimeo.The system is designed for fully-automatic operation conforming to ASTM-D1120 to determine very precise and reproduceable the boiling point of engine coolants and brake fluids.A complete test can be ...

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laboratory hygrothermometer / electronic
laboratory hygrothermometer

The ideal Thermo-Hygrometer for measurements of relative air humidity and temperature in room or duct applications in the HVAC industry.A digital, capacitive humidity measuring element, combined with modern electronic-architecture, allows ...

keyboard with touchpad / USB / for spectrophotometer
keyboard with touchpad

EMC-Pad for UV/VIS Spectrophotometer  Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F (2 MB Cache, up to 1.83 GHz)  Windows® 10 Home  Display 10.1“  32 GB (EMMC) Flashmemory  PROFESSIONAL Software installed  Stand for EMC-Pad  USB hub 4-port Complete ...

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EMCLAB Instruments GmbH
isothermal titration microcalorimeter / for life sciences applications / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
isothermal titration microcalorimeter
microDSC7 evo

High-sensitivity DSC and microcalorimetry (-45 to 120°C) The HIGHLIGHTS • Wide operating temperature range (from -45 °C to 120 °C): cooling of the calorimeter does not require an external source. • Use in isothermal or temperature programming ...

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SETARAM Instrumentation
laboratory hygrothermometer / electronic
laboratory hygrothermometer
BOE 330

Dual LCD display with indoor temp. and relative indoor humidity at the same time. Measuring range: Indoor temp.: 0°C to + 50°C /1°C Rel. humidity indoor: 25% to 95%/1%

temperature sensor
temperature sensor

Pt100 4-wire ML temperature probe, class A Temperature range -35°..+350°C DIN A Ideal for warehouse & cold store monitoring

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carbon analyzer / sulfur / laboratory / benchtop
carbon analyzer
AES 1000

The Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer is a high frequency automatic inductive combustion furnace which can measure the carbon and sulphur carbon and sulphur in cement, steel alloys, non-ferrous metals, other materials and alloys. ...

zeta potential analyzer / for water analysis / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop
zeta potential analyzer
NanoBrook ZetaPlus

Zeta potential in low salt aqueous solutions/suspensions Accurate, rapid, easy to make zeta potential determinations One piece, easy-fill disposable sample cells No cell alignment or calibration Zeta potential at 15° Temperature control, ...

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Brookhaven Instruments Corporation
sulfur analyzer / inorganic / carbon / organic
sulfur analyzer

ELTRA's CS-2000 is the only analyzer on the market for the determination of carbon and sulfur in organic as well as inorganic samples. For this purpose, the CS-2000 is equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace (ELTRA Dual ...

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CO2 sensor / intensive care
CO2 sensor

QuRe® sensor is intended to measure FiCO2 and EtCO2 concentration in the mainstream breathing. Designed to use with medical devices for intensive care, ventilation, respiratory support and patient monitoring. The sensor is applicable ...

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TRITON Electronic Systems Ltd.
ion selective electrode
ion selective electrode

Polymer electrodes consist of various ion-exchange materials in an inert matrix such as PVC, polythene or silicone rubber. Solid state electrodes utilise relatively insoluble inorganic salts in a membrane. Glass membrane electrodes are ...

temperature sensor / pressure / movement / for the medical industry
temperature sensor

Description The LP-Research Motion Sensor Bluetooth version 2 (LPMS-B2) is a miniature wireless inertial measurement unit (IMU) / attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The unit is very versatile, performing accurate, high speed ...

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gas flow meter
gas flow meter

Output: 0 l/min - 5 l/min

Moriya The flowmeter is intended to monitor and indicate the flow of gases. The operating principle is based on a tapered tube and a float (ball). The gas enters the base of the conical tube which raises the float (ball). The conical ...

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JG Moriya
bubble point tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / ultrasonic / continuous
bubble point tester
AD8, AD9

INTROTEK, the Global leader for more than 30 years, has produced non- invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, optical blood component detectors and pressure/occlusion detectors for companies ...

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BS-rep GmbH
oxygen sensor / for respiratory devices
oxygen sensor

erc-O2-tech® has solved a long existing problem regarding the measuring of oxygen concentration in hospitals. The measuring instrument developed by erc-O2-tech® has a oxygen concentration measuring range from 0% to 100%. By pressing ...

oxygen sensor / for the medical industry / ultrasonic
oxygen sensor

Gasboard8500 ultrasonic oxygen sensor is an economical gas sensor used to detect oxygen concentration in binary gases. Adopting ultrasonic detecting technology, it is very stable and there is no need to calibrate the sensor in the application. ...

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Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics