1-section stretcher trolleys

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transport stretcher trolley / transfer / pneumatic / Trendelenburg
transport stretcher trolley

... spring. • Two trolleys for transportation. • Transfer system • Foldable and retractable Polyurethane side rails. • Metal push bars • Protective bumpers • Height adjustable IV pole. • 15 cm castors with central locking. • ...

transport stretcher trolley / manual / Trendelenburg / with adjustable backrest
transport stretcher trolley

... by gas spring. •Two trolleys for transportation. •Transfer system •Foldable and retractable metal side rails. •Metal pushbars •Protective bumpers • Height adjustable IV pole. • 125 mm castors with central locking. • ...

transport stretcher trolley / emergency / hydro-pneumatic / height-adjustable
transport stretcher trolley

The Eye Stretcher is specially designed with an articulating head section which allows for a range of motion and flexibility during surgical procedures and ophthalmic examinations. It has a 4-inch high-density ...

transport stretcher trolley / recovery / manual / height-adjustable
transport stretcher trolley

Our ABS body recovery cases are especially designed and built to facilitate body recovery in every possible circumstance and in even the most difficult weather conditions. Every aspect of this equipment has been specifically designed ...

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transport stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / bariatric
transport stretcher trolley
Contour Flex +

The Contour Flex+ Bariatric trolley has been designed with larger loads in mind the contoured shape with its tapered ends is a big step forward in trolley design and maneuverability. The smaller ends ...

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Auden Funeral Supplies
emergency stretcher trolley / electric / height-adjustable / with adjustable backrest
emergency stretcher trolley

Designed for the movement easiness of the post-surgical and sick-abed patients Vertical position speciality for raising the patient Movable headrest with the help of damper mechanism Height adjustable dining table in vertical ...

transport stretcher trolley / manual / mortuary / 1-section
transport stretcher trolley

The Combination Stretcher gives the operator the choice of using the First Call One Man Loader or First Call Stretcher individually or combing both to offer an advanced removal package.

transport stretcher trolley / pneumatic / height-adjustable / 1 section
transport stretcher trolley

transport stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / 1 section
transport stretcher trolley

... fixation on trolley - Automatic release of trolley legs when moving out of the ambulance - Legs automatically click into place - End-to-end rails

pneumatic stretcher trolley / mortuary / 1-section
pneumatic stretcher trolley
4400/60, 4400/50

STRETCHER: use a stretcher Ref. 4400/60 width 60cm for a compartiment 4200_L or 4200_XL - All Stainless Steel The structure of the stretcher trolley is made of reinforced ...

transport stretcher trolley / electric / height-adjustable / bariatric
transport stretcher trolley
4E2 AirGlide®

... Bariatric Stretchers. The product is designed to meet your bariatric patient management needs. This unit fits effortlessly through doorways and is much lighter than other bariatric units and beds. It is completely ...

transfer stretcher trolley / electric / 1 section
transfer stretcher trolley

Using a remote control automatic slide, this exciting new transfer system allows patients to be comfortably moved in a hands-free fashion. Reducing the need for manpower, this device is an essential tool for any modern hospital or medical ...

transport stretcher trolley / hydraulic / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
transport stretcher trolley
Mobiline 675

The MOBILINE 675 Multipurpose Stretcher is a full function, durable and economical choice for patient transport at any hospital department. From a wide variety of accessories and factory installed options you can choose ...

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transport stretcher trolley / hydraulic / height-adjustable / 1-section
transport stretcher trolley

... a LINAK motor as rise-and-fall system. Advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and Φ 8in dust proof castors make the cart move steadily, reliably and lightly. The bed can ...

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transfer stretcher trolley / recovery / manual / X-ray transparent
transfer stretcher trolley

... chassis with transfer platform can be used as a recovery room trolley c/w all necessary facilities for anaesthetic and post-operative procedures Technical Specifications Single trolley Approx ...

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transport stretcher trolley / hydraulic / height-adjustable / with adjustable backrest
transport stretcher trolley
TM-C 3017

• Metal frame. • Wooden mattress platform. • Backrest adjustment. (manuel) • X-Ray cassette holder. • Height adjustment. (hydraulic) • Trendelenburg. (gas piston) • Aluminium side rails. • Vinyl-covered mattress ...

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Tur-Med Hastane Malzemeleri San.ve Tic. LTD. STI.
transport stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / 1-section
transport stretcher trolley

E-4 Luxury Transport Stretcher Size:2150*750*600-900mm

transport stretcher trolley / electro-hydraulic / height-adjustable / 1-section
transport stretcher trolley

... pressure do not fold offering an additional safety. A transfer of disabled persons can be implemented either by means of a mobile patient hoist the table frame can be passed underneath or directly and without difficulty ...

transport stretcher trolley / hydraulic / stainless steel / mortuary
transport stretcher trolley

... via hydraulic foot pump. All external parts made of stainless steel allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Features: Stretcher base and column protected by stainless steel covers; Frame of the panel made from ...

transport stretcher trolley / for ambulances / manual / folding
transport stretcher trolley

Unfold dimension: L1900 x W550 x H500 mm Fold dimension: L1900 x W600 x H260 mm Max back adjustable angle: 60 Loading capacity: 150 kg Material: Aluminum N.W: 37 kg

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Medical Master
transport stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / pediatric
transport stretcher trolley

... footguard are covered by cushion. This protects the child should the child struggle on the stretcher. The side-guard prevents the child from falling off the stretcher and the side-guard, headguard and ...

emergency stretcher trolley / pneumatic / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
emergency stretcher trolley

... fitted) Safe Working Load 130kg Castors 150mm diameter Heavy duty twin wheel castor system (2 x Total lock, 1 x Directional lock, 1 x Swivel) Finish Epoxy powder coated Features Full ...

patient transfer stretcher trolley / hydraulic / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg
patient transfer stretcher trolley
Zephyr XL

MR Guided Radiation Therapy and Workflow Improvement – Zephyr XL Patient Positioning and Transfer System Maximizing machine treatment time is essential to increase patient throughput. Complex patient setup and immobilization consume ...

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transport stretcher trolley / manual / folding / mortuary
transport stretcher trolley

Our folding vehicle trolley are designed and manufactured by FRIMA Funéraire and adapted to our funeral compartment They are very useful for Funeral Directors to transport bodies safely. Standard Stretcher: Equipped ...

stretcher trolley for military applications / transport / manual / 1-section
stretcher trolley for military applications

With the Carrier EL2000 / EL3000 two bearers can transport an injured patient with ease. This is the standard recommended configuration.Injured patients are almost always transported by four bearers. This involves a waste of time and ...

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transport stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / 1-section
transport stretcher trolley

Specifications • Trolley frame constructed from MS steel pipes • Height adjustable by means of screw crank • Rubber bumper guards on all side for wall safety • Removable tarpaulin / rexene stretched ...