EtCO2 patient monitor / tcpCO2 / SpO2 / intensive care
EtCO2 patient monitor

... use between adult to neonate. It can measure maximum 150breathe/minute. Various Function and Convenience Setup - Virtual Screen (Full, EtCO2 mode, wide numeric display, trend mode) - Color Tone, 72Hours Trend, RS232(STD), ...

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ECG patient monitor / intensive care / compact / with touchscreen
ECG patient monitor
Model 7600

Screen size: 6 in

... trigger monitor intended primarily for use on patients in applications requiring precision R-wave synchronization. Incorporating a simple, easy to use touchscreen interface, the 7600 displays ...

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Ivy Biomedical Systems Inc
NIBP patient monitor / IBP / intensive care / tabletop
NIBP patient monitor

... example, a critical care patient may be monitored using a direct blood pressure module and that same patient may subsequently be monitored in kennels or during a consultation using the ...

intracranial pressure patient monitor / intensive care / compact
intracranial pressure patient monitor

... strain gauge pressure mounted in a titanium case at the tip of a 100cm flexible nylon tube. The CODMAN MICROSENSOR transducer monitors intracranial pressure directly at the source – subdural, parenchymal or intraventricular. ...

TEMP patient monitor / SpO2 / ECG / NIBP
TEMP patient monitor

Screen size: 8 in

Integreting parameter measuring modules, display and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability.Large high-resolution display provides clear view of 5 waveforms and ...