EEG patient monitor / anesthesia / compact
EEG patient monitor
NeuroSENSE® NS-701

This NeuroSense monitor represents the newest line of brain monitors for the customized patient sedation and anesthesia. It is ran by new processing and signal acquisitions. This is the ...

hemoglobin patient monitor / intensive care / compact / continuous
hemoglobin patient monitor
NBM 200

... displayed immediately in the online measurement using the portable desktop monitor. The monitor with a easy‐to‐read backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) presents the patients ...

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heart rate patient monitor / compact / infant / with touchscreen
heart rate patient monitor
HeRO solo

... platform created with HeRO duet: It is a stand-alone HeRO monitor for 1 NICU beds. Perfect for the NICU private room environment. It is simple to install – 1 power cords and 1 monitor cables. ...

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Medical Predictive Science Corporation
hemoglobin patient monitor / oxygen / temperature / intensive care
hemoglobin patient monitor

... and temperature with one probe (skin or needle designs) in conjunction with a moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler system and the moorVMS-LDF1-HP high power laser Doppler system. Unlike other techniques, SO2 monitoring ...

heart rate patient monitor / NIBP / ABPM / systolic pressure
heart rate patient monitor

Using oscillometry and volume plethysmography, MESI ABPI MD provides reliable results even in patients with severe disease. Thanks to an improved error detection system, MESI ABPI MD will alert the operator to any irregularities ...

ABPM patient monitor / intensive care / compact
ABPM patient monitor

NON-INVASIVE DIAGNOSTICS Meaningful data: The Holter-RR guarantees reliable, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. The Auto Feedback Logic (AFL) allows quiet, fast readings with low cuff pressure. Threshold tables for children and adolescents ...

NIBP patient monitor / intensive care / tabletop / USB
NIBP patient monitor

Screen size: 2.8 in

... optional;And the BlueTooth printer is for optional also. Applications: NIBP Patient Monitor can be applied in the hospital’s operation room, ICU, clinic section office, Out-patient ...

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ECG patient monitor / RESP / TEMP / NIBP
ECG patient monitor
BPL ClearSign C10W

Screen size: 10.1 in

BPL ClearSign C10WThe ClearSign C10W is a robust patient monitor with a 10.1" wide screen LCD display. This compact and lightweight multi-para patient ...

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BPL Medical Technologies
RESP patient monitor / EEG / EMG / ambulatory
RESP patient monitor

... neurology and for neuromonitoring in intensive care units: ("Video-EEG monitoring in modern diagnosis and monitoring the treatment of epilepsy" Avakyan G., Anisimova A., Ayvazyan S., Generalov V.) Diagnosis of epilepsy ...

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Medicom MTD
ECG patient monitor / emergency / compact / portable
ECG patient monitor
i Vita12V

Screen size: 12.1 in

i Vita12V Patient Monitor is an advanced streamline outline design, portable, compact & lightweight. It Neither in cutting nor in burning, ECG waveform and HR can be influenced, very ...

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Trivitron Healthcare
SpO2 patient monitor / NIBP / intensive care / compact
SpO2 patient monitor

... Specially designed for IC & OT Display : Spo2% Pulse rate, NIBP (Sys, Dias & Mean) Spo2 % limits, Pulse rare limits, NIBP limits Plethsmogram, Bar Graph, Alarm status, trend, battery status, time & date. ...

NIBP patient monitor / SpO2 / intensive care / compact
NIBP patient monitor

Purpose The Angelus Patient Monitor is intended for continuous, can measure Pulse, SpO2 and Non-invasive Blood pressure.

ECG patient monitor / intensive care / portable / compact
ECG patient monitor

... Fast measurement in just 30 seconds; 4. 20 records of heart rates, data analyses and ECG; 5. Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) screen display; Ultra-long Standby and Portable 1. Auto power-off if ...

ECG patient monitor / CO2 / NIBP / SpO2
ECG patient monitor
LifeWindow 9x

Screen size: 12.1 in

The LifeWindow™ 9x is the first vital signs patient monitor with an embedded Windows® Operating System. Most of the other vital signs monitors in the market are still using DOS type for ...

ECG patient monitor / TEMP / RESP / EtCO2
ECG patient monitor

Screen size: 15 in

NEW Features: - Unique Vertical Design delivers outstanding readability - 15" LCD super Display with Full Touch wide screen - High-end parameter modules of M series seamlessly compatible with ...

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ECG patient monitor / RESP / TEMP / EtCO2
ECG patient monitor
CMS7000, CMS8000, CMS9000

Screen size: 12.1 in

CMS7000/CMS8000/CMS9000 Patient Monitor Features • 12.1" TFT color LCD, 15-language interface. • With standard interface, oxygen graph, trend chart, big character interface and view bed, convenient to ...

systolic pressure patient monitor / intensive care / compact / finger pressure
systolic pressure patient monitor

... makes possible the systolic pressure measurement even when the pulsatility cannot be detected. For diabetic patients, old patients and patient with renal failure, it is advised to ...

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ATYS Medical
ECG patient monitor / temperature / NIBP / invasive blood pressure
ECG patient monitor
VitaLogik 6000

Screen size: 15 in

... 6000, is a pre-configured multi-parameter patient bedside monitor with a 15″ flat screen display and a battery back-up. The Monitor is suitable for ...

intracranial pressure patient monitor / clinical / tabletop / pediatric
intracranial pressure patient monitor

... done. Safe and comfortable method of zeroing between ICP-monitor and bedside monitor with the → 0 ← button. Battery operation The ICP-Monitor is equipped with rechargeable batteries. ...

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ECG patient monitor / RESP / TEMP / EtCO2
ECG patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

Features: 12.1”color TFT touch screen Up to 12-leads ECG display OxyCRGs- facilitate the doctor to observe the clinic changes of neonate by displaying the interactive relationship between HR, RESP and oxygen. Selectable ...

NIBP patient monitor / SpO2 / intensive care / tabletop
NIBP patient monitor
0 - 100% SpO2, 0-300 mmHg | MD-720

... . It offers users high level accuracy and real time response. The screen shows the detected values, with the trend menu displays all results on large LCD screen with real-time recall ...

ECG patient monitor / intensive care / wearable / compact
ECG patient monitor
BioHarness™ 3

The BioHarness™ 3 is the premiere compact physiological monitoring module that enables the capture and transmission of comprehensive physiological data on the wearer via mobile and fixed data networks – enabling genuine ...

SpO2 patient monitor / NIBP / TEMP / ECG
SpO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 7.8 in

... and Glucose Support Wifi and WCDMA/3G communication Storage capacity up to 2GB history data Auto recognition of Patient ID card or Insurance card

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Creative Industry
CO2 patient monitor / RESP / ECG / SpO2
CO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

The product features 12.1inch LCD display of 800x600 which is touchable. The device is configurable to 12 waveforms. It features 3ch ECG with optional 12ch EKG, SpO2, EtCo2, NIBP, 2IBP with optional 4IBP, optional 4 Temp, ...

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Bionics Corporation
Oxy-CRG patient monitor / RESP / SpO2 / ECG
Oxy-CRG patient monitor

Screen size: 8.4 in

Features 13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis,Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase,Real time S_T segment analysis,pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable; Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator ...