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face positioning cushion / for massage tables / foam / memory
face positioning cushion
Strata™ Cool FacePillow

... proprietary removable cooling gel pad of the Strata™ Cool FacePillow creates an immediate soothing sensation and dramatically reduces swelling and sinus pressure throughout the treatment. The innovative Strata Cool pad ...

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Living Earth Crafts
support pillow / medical / foam / memory
support pillow

Memory foam pillow designed for NIV patients. It is now possible for you to sleep comfortably on your side with any type of mask. COMFORTABLE The polyurethene memory foam filling and the cover in natural cotton means that your head ...

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Mpr Medical Products Research Srl
massage table cushion / half-round
massage table cushion

dimensions: 50 x 18 x 9 cm made of very flexible synthetic material, pleasant to use easy to clean with soap and water standard available in the color: beige, grey or white - other colors on request

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programmable cushion / washable / warming
programmable cushion
FH 80

... cotton cover is machine washable. It offers an extra space cover. This product put forward a high safety level. Also, the pad Size consists of 30.5 x 34.5 cm.

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positioning cushion / inflatable / ring-shaped
positioning cushion

SUMMARY The product is used for preventing the patient who is sick abed in long-term and occurs bedsore. SPECIFICATION The anti-decubitus seat (square) is made of 700um film flocking or PVC coating material. Weight capacity: 100kg Dimension ...

seat cushion / air-filled / anti-decubitus / square
seat cushion

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Seat Cushion is indicated for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers in patients at all grades of risk, in conjunction with the appropriate dynamic mattress surface and ...

surgical cushion / gel / half-round
surgical cushion

positioning cushion / for people with reduced mobility
positioning cushion

Largely due to its easy to handle shapes, the pillows are very suitable for positioning people in a particular position. This can be lying down or sitting up. Once the pillow is in the desired shape and in the desired place, it will not ...

lumbar support cushion / washable / warming / with thermostat
lumbar support cushion

3 temperature settings. Specially designed to suit the lumbar-renal area. Fastening strap. It carries a safety thermostat. Removable and washable cloth cover.

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foam bolster / half-round
foam bolster

Firm high density urethane foam core Knit-backed, sewn, vinyl cover Easy-clean surface

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Clinton Industries
support cushion / face positioning / for massage tables
support cushion

Aero-Cel Face Cushion is a versatile pad used to support your client comfortably in either a prone or supine position. It can be adjusted to support any type and shape of face comfortably. To create ...

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Oakworks Massage
positioning cushion / for people with reduced mobility / inflatable / electric
positioning cushion

... lightweight and portable lifting solution that can be used both on top of or underneath a cushion or throw. This means there is no need to remove the Raiser Lifting Cushion after every use, alternatively, ...

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Mangar International
wedge-shaped bolster
wedge-shaped bolster

Select covering between 2 collections in 54 colours – suitable to the upholstery colour of your table Wedge shaped bolster Model 2014+No. of covering colour Measures: L: 40 cm, W: 40 cm, H: from 10 cm to 1,5 cm

laparotomy training cushion / water
laparotomy training cushion

The Laparotomy Training Package includes: Laparotomy Model (LPM-10) An extra Replacealbe Tissue (LPMT-10) The laparotomy model simulates a partial abdomen and includes skin, subcutaneous fat, fascia, preperitoneal fat, and peritoneum.The ...

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Simulab Corporation
positioning cushion / for operating tables / foam / wedge-shaped
positioning cushion

Altra Care™ 35/55° Wedge Positioner Premium quality Altra Care™ coated foam Durable fluid-proof coating Reusable with disinfectible, easy to clean nonskid coating Comfortable medium firm support No seams, wrinkles, zippers MRI compatible ...

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seat cushion / foam / alternating pressure / air-filled
seat cushion
Combo 100 Plus

... Description: Combo 100 Plus Combo 100 Plus is an alternating pressure redistribution seat cushion. It is designed light weight and compact for great mobility. The seat cushion is composed of 4 air cells ...

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Apex Medical
head positioning cushion / for massage tables / foam
head positioning cushion

our most popular and versatile cushion, and when placed under the knees, ankles or neck, help relieve muscle strain.

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Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment
support cushion / shoulder positioning
support cushion

This wedge shaped cushion supports the shoulders and upper body of the patient. When placed over the Posifix®-1 or -2 baseplate, the contours of the baseplate hold the cushion firmly in place assisting ...

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wheelchair cushion / foam / visco-elastic / anti-decubitus
wheelchair cushion

The new ALOVA visco elastic moulded cushion with a coccyx cut-out, increases the contact area to better distribute and reduce maximum pressure values. For persons up to 200 KG (31 stone). For patients presenting a medium ...

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Winncare group
traditional pillow / visco-elastic foam / visco-elastic / anatomical
traditional pillow

All SISSEL® orthopaedic pillows feature a substantial support to the lower cervical spinal column. As a result the entire shoulder and neck region are well-supported. Due to its unique angle, the pillow fits in between the shoulder ...

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Sissel UK
positioning bolster / for massage tables / foam / half-round
positioning bolster

Vinyl covered half-moon shaped piece of foam, which is fitted under the patients knees in the supine position, or under the instep in the prone position. It helps to make the patient more comfortable, and to relax the muscles and tendons ...

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back positioning cushion / support / for wheelchairs / anatomical
back positioning cushion
WR-901 series

Quick Deails Material: pp Type: Waist Cushion Brand Name: SOHO-BACK Place of Origin: Taiwan Model Number: WR-901 Back support: back cushion Color: Orange, black, grey, and beig Packaging & Delivery ...

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Well Run Technology
seat cushion / foam / rectangular
seat cushion

The XXL-Rehab Plus cushion is a wheelchair cushion especially designed for the bariatric patient. Because of their weight, bariatric users are at a higher risk of developing pressure sores if confined ...

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support cushion / positioning / hollow silicone fiber / cylindrical
support cushion
994401, 994403

Positioning rolls are used to support or relieve specific joints or areas, such as shoulders, arms or legs. The filling is backstitched and rolled to prevent sliding. Our positioning rolls come with a ...

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foam cushion / gel / anti-decubitus / square
foam cushion

SP06-GC1616 (shown) Gel Foam seating cushion. Available up to a 24″ x 18″ size, these 3″ thick , 250lb capacity cushions are designed for maximum pressure mitigation.

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Primus Medical