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neck support pillow / visco-elastic / washable / anatomical
neck support pillow

SENSEI Viscoelastic pillow (2017 new model). - Ergonomic design in the shape of "S". - 10 cms thick. - Antibacterial. - Antiallergenic. - Prevents mold formation. - Indeformable. - Removable ...

protection cushion / support / for wheelchairs / anti-decubitus
protection cushion

CS-02 cod. ISO + ISO Antidecubitus cushion for wheelchair in silicon coated fiber for the prevention of decubitus bedsores which ensures the protection of the sitting, the lateral support, the ...

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leg positioning cushion / foam / anti-decubitus / anatomical
leg positioning cushion

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Carital Group
seat cushion / foam / gel / anti-decubitus
seat cushion

This anti-decubitus cushion is composed of a flame-resistant pocket in which is located a PE foam core surrounded by an aquous liquid gel. ● Low risk level

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seat cushion / support / bariatric / visco-elastic
seat cushion

A high/very high risk cushion manufactured from high grade visco-elastic memory foam which moulds to patient shape and significantly reduces interface pressures whilst offering superior patient comfort.Features: Multi-stretch ...

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body positioning cushion / support / foam / wedge-shaped
body positioning cushion

LTC Body Positioning Wedges are designed to assist in the prevention and management of tissue trauma by positioning the body to maintain adequate circulation. The wedge provides support for achieving side positioning for long term care ...

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Essential Medical products
body positioning pad / lateral positioning / for operating tables / for humans
body positioning pad

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Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co
wheelchair cushion / foam / square
wheelchair cushion

Wheelchair cushion with black cover, 40 x 45 x 5 cm (W x D x H)

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Mobilex A/S
hip positioning cushion / seat / for wheelchairs / vacuum
hip positioning cushion

... sensitive body parts. The shape of seat cushion can be easily changed if necessary. One side of BM-A cushions is laminated by elastic polyester and the second one is laminated with self-adhesive fabric ...

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seat pad / gel / anatomical
seat pad

... Easy to attach, use and maintain Easy cleaning Characteristics Made of Akton polymer Size 18 "x 18" x 1 " Pads are covered for manufacturer's defects only at the time of purchase

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Excel Medical
traditional pillow / rectangular
traditional pillow

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massage cushion / neck support
massage cushion

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Quatek Holding
wheelchair cushion / alternating pressure / electric / anti-decubitus
wheelchair cushion
Airpulse PK2

... trouble spot(s) or pressure ulcer(s) is located, and we build the cushion to off-load that area full-time, while stimulating circulation throughout the rest of the posterior. The cushion is easy to ...

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Aquila Corporation
positioning cushion / seat / inflatable / wedge-shaped
positioning cushion
Sit On Air

The Sit On Air is a dynamic inflatable cushion which, thanks to its shape, has a double use. With its bump towards the external part of the chair, it stimulates the torso muscles which sustain the spinal column, promoting ...

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seat cushion / polyurethane
seat cushion
IKON B863.4

Cushion upholstered with polyurethane foam covered with fabric or simil leather with a central nice button. Suitable for Ikon bench, linear module only indoor use.

wheelchair cushion / foam / square
wheelchair cushion
Netti Sit

... necessary. Supplied with a waterproof but breathable intermediate cover to protect the foam cushion. The foam properties are adapted to the size of the cushion – and therefore the user's weight. ...

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heel positioning cushion / foam / anti-decubitus
heel positioning cushion

Cushions for the prevention of heel bedsores. The cushion size is adjustable with adhesive strips making them suitable for all patients. Remove part of buckwheat hulls to further reduce the cushion ...

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support cushion / foam / wedge-shaped
support cushion

PREVENTION Those cushions allow a uniform distribution of pressure points, thereby reducing the risk of developing pressure sores. Decubitus cushions help reduce pressure on at-risk body parts support ...

support cushion / positioning / polyurethane / wedge-shaped
support cushion

The bed wedges are designed to actively reposition people requiring nursing care. They provide comfortable support of the patient, depending on the specific nursing needs. The bed wedges are particularly useful to position the body at ...

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positioning cushion / for pregnant women / air-filled / anatomical
positioning cushion

The CUB allows mothers to adopt and maintain positions that are not only the most comfortable but physically the most helpful for them and their baby during labour, making giving birth easier, faster and most importantly, safer! Upright ...

seat cushion / for wheelchairs / air-filled / square
seat cushion
Wisking 301

Wisking301 air cushion is pneumatic cell cushion. It ensures maximum patient contact with seating surface by moulding itself to protuberances of the sacrum area. This result in extremely effective reduction ...

seat cushion / for wheelchairs / foam / air-filled
seat cushion

... alternating battery wheelchair cushion features four cells and a contoured foam base. Adjustable user comfort and cycle time are the key features of this product. Battery runs for 10 hours. Ideal for wheelchair users. ...

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Bos Medical International
seat cushion / foam / alternating pressure / anti-decubitus
seat cushion

Alerta Partner – an alternating pressure relieving cushion system with a sealed 2" foam base for effective prevention and treatment of patients at high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care ...

back positioning cushion / support / foam / anti-decubitus
back positioning cushion

The BackBone™ Turning Wedge is the only wedge that features bilaterally symmetrical angles and contoured edges for a form fitting support with minimal slipping. Provides gentle, ergonomically comfortable offloading without direct contact ...

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Jewell Nursing Solutions
back positioning cushion / seat / support / vacuum
back positioning cushion
VAKUCARE 10000, 10001

VAKUFORM BASIC Seat Vacuum seat cushion with a 3.5 mm neoprene covering. Size up to 46x46x6 cm. VAKUFORM BASIC Seat XXL Vacuum seat cushion with a 3.5 mm neoprene covering. Size up to 60x60x6 cm.

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