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monitoring software / reporting / management / cardiac
monitoring software

GEMS™ (Global ECG Management System) is the world’s number one software solution for cardiac event monitoring. The GEMS™ user-friendly patient management system is the easiest way to receive and store ...

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Cardiocomm Solutions
simulation software / for ECG
simulation software

DART Sim ecg simulator software is available for computer download only. *NOT compatible with iPad. Please see the app store on your iPad to purchase.* Each purchase comes with 6 licenses of the DART ...

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analysis software / veterinary / electrocardiography
analysis software
ECG Interpreter

Species and size specific ECG interpretation software Computerized ECG interpretation programs are well established in the human field. The new Vmed ECG Interpreter ...

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Vmed Technology
analysis software / electrocardiography
analysis software

... Simultaneous 12-lead ECG from USB Surporting frank and wilson lead system ECG Analysis with auto interpretation Low cost A4 paper, multi-format ECG report ECG ...

visualization software / analysis / data management / patient data management
visualization software

We are immensely proud of our Domino Sleep Diagnostic software. Not only does it pack all the standard sleep related functions but a staggering array of features and benefits that will suit even the most discerning sleep ...

data management software / electrocardiography
data management software
RescueNet® 12-Lead

The RescueNet 12-Lead is a state-of-the-art device that helps in receiving and managing 12-lead ECGs at any place or time. Its browser can be accessed universally and is extremely flexible. With maximum device portability, 12-lead information ...

viewer software / for ECG
viewer software

SoftwaresThe software packages like STS Software, CNS Software,Smart ECG Viewer Software and Holter Software provide the user with an ...