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image analysis software / image enhancement / visualization / treatment planning
image analysis software
Planmeca Romexis

... mouth series is easy - Open software platform which integrates directly with practice management software - Practical patient record system - Advanced 3D diagnostics and treatment planning More ...

3D viewing software / treatment planning / anatomy / veterinary
3D viewing software
Planmeca ProModel

... performing surgery - Reduce operation times and improve the accuracy of the surgical procedure More information

control software / acquisition / training / treatment
control software

The AquaSOFT software extends the possibilities of the therapy by the acquisition of therapy data. We provide the software for the direct connection to the control cabinet. AquaSOFT offers the following ...

analysis software / data management / for quality control / for equipment control
analysis software

ALPHANAPSIS® VET, Modern Solutions for Veterinaries Laboratories (LIS), has flexible architecture, 24/7 support, Traceability and Reliability. Interfaces for various analyzers, with automated processes with barcode and ...

visualization software / for veterinary dental imaging
visualization software

The Apixia Imaging Software delivers dozens of powerful features, presented with a simplicity that makes the system a snape for the user. Scanned x-ray images can be immediately viewed and mounted.

image enhancement software / patient data management / acquisition / measurement
image enhancement software
Med Vet

A flat panel detector and an acquisition workstation dedicated to veterinary radiology purposes. Our flat panel solution benefits from outstanding features: Two models available: 1717 & 1417, light, robust, easily portable, ...

archiving software / medical imaging / dental / veterinary
archiving software

Med Archive is a cost effective and efficient solution that enables to archive on different media withoutneeding a PACS. Web-based interface for administration Scalable and secure Dicom Store and Query& Retrieve Oldest customer installation ...

management software / for veterinary radiology
management software
dicomPACS® vet Basic

Innovative digital image management solutions for vets The dicomPACS®vet software can help your dream of a paperless veterinary practice come true. With dicomPACS®vet, images and various types of documents ...

image analysis software / CT / for MRI / veterinary
image analysis software
dicomPACS® VET

Administration and diagnosis of image slices dicomPACS®vet includes all the necessary tools for the professional diagnosis of slices such as CT or MRI. Functions like hanging protocols, cine loop, manual scrolling through series, and ...

management software / acquisition / emergency / veterinary
management software

... Over 400 projections and a multitude of adjustment parameters are available to facilitate visualizing images of human and animal body parts stored in the system Safe and quick registration of emergency patients ...

acquisition software / veterinary / laboratory / for smartphones
acquisition software

... for any kind of data acquisition that you normally do with paper and pencil. How does the Spectator Go! software work? The Spectator GO! software consists of two parts. A client program running on ...

monitoring software / veterinary / for veterinary clinics
monitoring software

... interfaces. It is down- and upgradable. Watch a movie to see the software in action Signal recording The software can acquire an unlimited number of channels and all channels are recorded with the ...

management software / viewer / acquisition / radiography
management software
VXvue with PureImpact™

Digital Radiography Acquisition Viewer for VIVIX-S Series Speedy and high-quality image acquisition program Acquisition of images exposed from VIVIX-S Series Compatible with QXLink3 Third-party integration Systems Generator DICOM ...

planning software / veterinary
planning software
OrthoView VET

Digital Planning and Templating software for Orthopedics Embracing digital imaging and improving efficiency for Veterinarians What is Orthoview VET? OrthoView VET contains a comprehensive library of digital prosthesis ...

analysis software / tracking / veterinary / for animal research
analysis software
EthoVision XT

tEthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal.

control software / acquisition / veterinary / universal
control software

... digital X-ray, the X-AQS VET Software has been designed to grow together with you. The X-AQS VET Software is ‘the’ universal image acquisition software of the future, with superior connectivity ...

acquisition software / for veterinary radiology / medical
acquisition software

... being used is old-fashioned and imperfect or is not suitable with the acquisition technique. Similar is the case with the software; however the outcome of restricted quality is generally noticed very fast. DÜRR MEDICAL ...

behavioral research software / analysis / acquisition / monitoring
behavioral research software

... current animal position are displayed in real-time during the data acquisition process. The data are stored in two data files: MTB file opened from the Compulse software for Intake & Meal Pattern Analysis ...

electrocardiography software / control / monitoring / for cardiac Holter monitors
electrocardiography software

CardioExplorer is the sophisticated and easy to use software for use with VET-Scout and VET-ECG. CardioExplorer controls the wireless recorders and analyzes uploaded Holter data. The software operates ...

reporting software / veterinary / hospital
reporting software

Buxco FinePointe software is powerful and easy-to-use for collecting, analyzing, and reporting life science data. Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, FinePointe software runs on modern Windows ...

analysis software / visualization / veterinary
analysis software

A new analysis/visualization tool and statistical analysis package for data generated by the IntelliCage FlowR FlowR is a graphical user interface translating R-script units into graphically arranged statistical workflows Users ...

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TSE Systems
analysis software / reporting / veterinary / for MRI
analysis software

CAAS MRV FARM (Magnetic Resonance Ventricular analysis For Animal Research Measurements) supports researchers in the quantitative analysis of the function and viability of the heart and myocardial perfusion of cardiac ...

DICOM viewing software / image capture / for veterinary dental imaging / for veterinary clinics
DICOM viewing software

Rayence's user-friendly software supports acquire, manage and process diagnostic digital images and the software compliments high quality images with exceptional speed. Its real-time transmission drastically ...

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preoperative planning software / orthopedic surgery / veterinary
preoperative planning software

OrthoView is the leading software solution for orthopaedic digital pre-operative planning. It is an innovative solution that allows orthopaedic and veterinary surgeons to plan and template surgical procedures ...

visualization software / for veterinary radiology
visualization software
Smart DR™

... across anatomy, views and users Realistic representation of anatomy, not over processed Gold standard in human and veterinary radiology Redefining image quality with consistency and superior contrast detail day-to-day, ...

image analysis software / DICOM viewing / reporting / diagnostic
image analysis software

Web visualization solutions for veterinary specialists or veterinary vendors who need to provide data access. Web-based VET DICOM Viewer and veterinary imaging solutions, that are ...

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SOFTNETA Medical Imaging
analysis software / veterinary / for veterinary facilities / automated
analysis software

Due to the increased complexity of electrophysiological measurements, the requirements to automated movements have been increased. Due to this requirement, LN has developed Luneco which decreases the user a plurality of processes that ...

data management software / control / veterinary / laboratory
data management software

... remote control and battery gauge (%) • Easy data management • Remote access from local network An open and evolutive software • Data exportation in non proprietary format • Extended functionnalities and parameters ...

diagnostic software / acquisition / medical imaging / veterinary
diagnostic software

... intuitive, for the veterinary practice optimized touchscreen application for image generation. CONAXX VET is a user-friendly and intuitionally operable system for the acquisition of x-ray images. On a touchscreen monitor ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management
image analysis software
Zscan Vet

Zscan, fulfilling the needs of veterinarians that work with endoscopy, offers its version of Image Capture and Reporting Software, allowing them to document each procedure and also to provide their clients reports with ...