Leak-proofing testers

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ultrasound leakage tester / conductivity / for medical devices / portable
ultrasound leakage tester

... Model ULT-2000 Series is a family of microprocessor-based Ultrasound Transducer Leakage Testers. The ULT-2010 measures both the conductivity of the cleaning medium and the leakage current ...

leak tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry / for medical devices
leak tester

—Vacuum leak detector is a Simple, Affordable, reliable and repeatable leak detection equipment. Vacuum leak machine can be used for Continual testing on the production ...

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Meditech Technologies India Pvt Ltd
electrical safety tester / leakage / for ultrasound transducers / portable
electrical safety tester

... capacitive leakage currents that exist are tested. The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) recommends the structural and electrical integrity of the transducer be checked between each use, using an ultrasound ...

glove integrity tester / for laboratory isolators / RABS / benchtop
glove integrity tester

HTY-GIT01 Glove Integrity Tester is a dedicated apparatus which is used to check the integrity of Isolators / RABS systems gloves / gloves or one-piece gloves. HTY-GIT01 glove integrity tester includes ...

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Hangzhou Tailin Bioengineering Equipments
integrity tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / laboratory
integrity tester

A filter Integrity Test System is available. In-situ integrity testing of aseptic system filters can be performed on the air and product filters installed on the machine. The test circuits are set up automatically for each product filter ...

glove integrity tester / for laboratory isolators / RABS / trolley-mounted
glove integrity tester

The Mobile Glove Testing System GTS for automatic integrity testing of the gloves is equipped with 6 test covers. Each test cover has an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reading head which is responsible for the ...

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Metall + Plastic
electrical safety tester / leak / hand-held / with touchscreen
electrical safety tester

... you can detect and classify leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems and reduce your energy costs, monitor the condition of your machines and determine the optimal maintenance time, identify leaks ...

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SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH
leak tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for medical devices / benchtop
leak tester
TME Solution™

... long lasting custom and standard leak test instruments in the medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. It is a high resolution leak or leak/flow tester featuring ...

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TM Electronics
laboratory isolator tester / integrity
laboratory isolator tester

... ClearSphere are able to provide a Glove Tester that checks the integrity of the gloves that are installed in an isolator. The unit is mobile and can be removed from the workplace after the test is complete. The tester ...

leak tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for packaging / for the food industry
leak tester

Seal tester is used in food industry, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care etc. By air compressor, seal tester’s negative pressure is generated to test the hermetic sealing quality and performance ...

pressure tester / leak-proofing / for endoscopes / portable
pressure tester

... detects accurately leakage of the sheaths, of the endoscopes channels and the wear conditions of the o’ring. It checks also the conditions of internal channels and the little holes caused by twisted biopsy channels. This ...

leak-proofing tester / for packaging
leak-proofing tester
MELAG seal check

For monitoring the function of sealing devices In the opinion of many hygiene experts, the validated procedure for the processing of instruments also includes routine monitoring of sealing devices. In the course of routine testing in ...

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leakage tester / for endoscopes / benchtop / digital
leakage tester

... for loading and unloading, robust,durable and space saving. · Compatible with major endoscope brands for leakage testing. · Find the pinhole leaks early, and reduce the failure rate greatly. · Dual-mode, ...

leak tester / for filters / benchtop / with touchscreen
leak tester

... User Interface Upstream and Downstream Mode of Measurement Automatic Calculation of Alarm Threshold Scan & Size Leaks Display Percentage Leak During Downstream Mode Display Upstream or Downstream Measurements Only ...

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions