LED light sources

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fluorescence spectrometer light source / LED / laser
fluorescence spectrometer light source

Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources Turn key laser and LEDs sources with picosecond pulse and repetition rate up to 100 MHz DeltaDiodes utilize laser ...

endoscope light source / LED
endoscope light source

The LED light source provides real-time endoscopic visibility and near-infrared fluorescence imaging. This enables you to perform minimally invasive surgery using standard endoscopic ...

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microscope light source / for optogenetics / LED / laser
microscope light source

... uncaging Comprehensive DMD triggering modes - Ideal for high speed physiological studies Wide range of light sources - LEDs, lasers and arc lamps - Integrate with ...

microscope light source / LED
microscope light source

BMS ring light 60 LEDs for BMS 11 & 140-144 Mounting-Ø: 45 to 60 mm Amount of LEDs: 60 high-power LEDs Light intensity: adjustable 0-100% Colour ...

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vaginal speculum light source / LED
vaginal speculum light source

... including a unique integrated light source. This enhances visualization of the examination area by emitting superior illumination and enables an accurate diagnosis to be given. It also eliminates the ...

endoscope light source / LED / compact
endoscope light source

ENDOLIGHT Flex LED This new light source expands the area of application for the ENDOCAM Flex HD to conventional rigid and flexible endoscopes. LED light ...

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Richard Wolf
endoscope light source / LED / portable
endoscope light source

The BS-LL1 Light Source is a small, battery-powered LED light source for portable fiberscopes. It offers an extended battery life, simple controls, and ...

fluorescence spectrometer light source / LED / continuous
fluorescence spectrometer light source

... in continuous or external trigger modes and allow the LEDs to run at high peak currents when in external trigger mode. The LED control module includes a three-way switch to adjust the light ...

endoscope light source / LED / compact / cold
endoscope light source

The LED3000 Light Source is a state-of-the-art LED light source designed to provide light for endoscopic procedures. ...

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Sunoptics Surgical
endoscope light source / LED / stroboscopic
endoscope light source
HighLight Plus

microscope light source / LED / cold light
microscope light source

Photonic LED Fiber Optic Cold Light Source The F3000 fiber optic illuminator for microscopy delivers high-performance LED illumination for the most ...

laboratory light source / LED / compact
laboratory light source

... imaging with microsecond switching Compact and optimised LED light source for 340nm / 380nm or 360nm / 405nm ratiometric Fura-2 or Fura-8 fluorescence imaging Ratiometric calcium imaging ...

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Cairn Research Ltd
microscope light source / LED / xenon
microscope light source
Lambda HPX

The Lambda HPX represents the latest generation of liquid-cooled high-output LED light sources. Designed around a single 90W 4.25 mm LED die, the Lambda HPX provides ...

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Sutter Instrument
endoscope light source / LED / cold
endoscope light source
5925 Series

... 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination. Easy lamp changes and a lifetime warranty round out these hardworking illumination.The Dual-Pipe Fiber Optic allows the researcher to supply light from ...

optogenetic light source / LED / laser / veterinary
optogenetic light source

... with the behavior of the animal. The software that manages our apparatus may control an external light generator (laser or LEDs) and synchronize the light with any behavioral events ...

endoscope light source / LED
endoscope light source
FlexiLux 300 LED

LED ENDOSCOPY LIGHT SOURCES Very Bright LED Light Source with CRI Ra >90 Luminous intensity, color rendering index (CRI), lamp ...

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Schölly Fiberoptic
microscope light source / LED
microscope light source

... liquid light guide. The constituent light sources include LEDs, Lumencor’s proprietary luminescent light pipes and lasers. The outputs of the sources ...

headlamp light source / LED / compact
headlamp light source

... cool-running, long-lasting LED Light Source that starts to full power instantly. The FX-10 is a great compact and portable unit for office based procedures. Frequent bulb replacement ...

spectrometry light source / LED / compact
spectrometry light source
AvaLight-LED series

AvaLight-LED Light Sources for Fluorescence Applications The Avalight-LED is a compact, low-cost light source meant for fluorescence ...

LED light source / cold
LED light source
LED 600

Product advantages at a glance Higher brightness than on comparable 150W devices Halogen cold light source with up to 70% lower operating costs Maintenance-free and no change of the illuminant necessary ...

fluorescence microscope light source / LED
fluorescence microscope light source

wLS LED Light SourceLED Light Source for Easy Fluorescence ImagingThe wLS broad-band LED illumination unit is designed to provide a long-life alternative ...

electrophoresis light source / LED / fluorescent
electrophoresis light source

LED illuminator for DNA gel fluorescent signal observation, designed to fit your Mupid-EXU series. View real-time results with just a push of a button. No need to wait or reserve an imaging system. ...

endoscope light source / LED
endoscope light source

The noiseless light source MATRIX LED duo of the latest XION device generation provides increased brightness. In combination with XION camera processors the light intensity ...

endoscope light source / LED
endoscope light source

... Endoscopy System is compatible with two types of light sources, the HDL-330 with a Xenon lamp and the HDL-330E with an LED lamp. In the HDL-330E, the light ...

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biomedical research light source / for optogenetics / LED
biomedical research light source

... introduces Lumos™, a 48-well light delivery device allowing you to incorporate cutting-edge optical assay techniques such as optogenetics, into your in vitro research. Lumos delivers user-specified intensity and duration ...