microscope illuminator / for optogenetics / LED / laser



  • Applications:

    for microscopes, for optogenetics

  • Light source:

    LED, laser


Mosaic is the perfect tool for active illumination applications such as Optogenetics, optophysiology,

Unlimited flexibility in shape, size, complexity of illumination mask
Simultaneous illumination of multiple regions of interest
Precise illumination of areas of interest that protects the target specimen
Zero delta acquisition time for true digital excitation
Complementary illumination option enables on and off control
Simultaneous illumination of multiple regions of interest - Performs simultaneous imaging and photo-stimulation

On-board pattern storage for high-speed ROI sequencing - Delivers flexible, multi-ROI-specific control of illumination intensity

Region specific grey-scaling available for light dosing with 4, 6 and 8 bit per pixel modulation depth - Augments wide range of techniques: optogenetics, bleaching/activation and uncaging

Comprehensive DMD triggering modes - Ideal for high speed physiological studies

Wide range of light sources - LEDs, lasers and arc lamps - Integrate with electro/optophysiology workstations

Long lifetime and low maintenance - Reduce overheads