Patient monitors with touchscreen

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TcPO2 patient monitor / ambulatory / clinical / vascular diagnostic
TcPO2 patient monitor

... the possibility to monitor tcpO2 investigations alongside with the PRÉCISE 8008 device intuitively. According to the user-friendly “What you see is what you get” concept, the clearly arranged tcpO2 results are stored ...

ECG patient monitor / temperature / EtCO2 / NIBP
ECG patient monitor
BPL ExcelSign E15 Lite

Screen size: 15 in

... wireless networking with Central Nursing Station (Optional)The auto-recording option available with patient monitors ensures ease of useAdded feature of Oxy-Crg and Drug Dose Calculation ...

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BPL Medical Technologies
EtCO2 patient monitor / intensive care / portable / with touchscreen
EtCO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

... design, elegant appearance2)Steady 12.1 inch monitor, suitable for bedside and transferring3)Simple user-friendly menu, preferable for both regular LCD and touchscreen4)Unique one-key-switching for maximum ...

EEG patient monitor / intensive care / trolley-mounted / with touchscreen
EEG patient monitor

... Pole Cart and the use of All-in-One PC with a very intuitive Touch Screen user interface makes Micromed ICU Line ideal for the EEG monitoring in ICU/NICU. The possibility to setup the display of EEG and ...

ECG patient monitor / intensive care / portable / with touchscreen
ECG patient monitor

Screen size: 5 in

Features: Touch screen,5.0 inch color TFT-LCD, simple for operating, quickly&accurately measure the data; Build-in rechargeable Li-battery, up to 15 hours running time, support AC and DC power; Adjustable audible and visual alarms, and ...

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SpO2 patient monitor / NIBP / intensive care / clinical
SpO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 15 in

... design, its powerful functions and intuitive User interface, the Q sériés patient monitor is therefore the best choice for acute care. 15”TFT display color screen TFT ...

ECG patient monitor / CO2 / NIBP / SpO2
ECG patient monitor
LifeWindow 9x

Screen size: 12.1 in

The LifeWindow™ 9x is the first vital signs patient monitor with an embedded Windows® Operating System. Most of the other vital signs monitors in the market are still using DOS type for ...

ECG patient monitor / TEMP / RESP / EtCO2
ECG patient monitor

Screen size: 15 in

NEW Features: - Unique Vertical Design delivers outstanding readability - 15" LCD super Display with Full Touch wide screen - High-end parameter modules of M series seamlessly compatible with ...

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cardiac output patient monitor / intensive care / compact / esophageal doppler
cardiac output patient monitor

Screen size: 15 in

... oesophageal Doppler cardiac output monitor. * The esophageal Doppler probe placed in the oesophagus measures non-invasively the blood velocity in the descending aorta. * Cardiac ...

ECG patient monitor / RESP / TEMP / EtCO2
ECG patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

Features: 12.1”color TFT touch screen Up to 12-leads ECG display OxyCRGs- facilitate the doctor to observe the clinic changes of neonate by displaying the interactive relationship between HR, RESP and ...

IBP patient monitor / CO2 / ECG / intensive care
IBP patient monitor

Superview-12 Modular Monitor 12.1 inch color TFT display with touch screen

CO2 patient monitor / RESP / ECG / SpO2
CO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

The product features 12.1inch LCD display of 800x600 which is touchable. The device is configurable to 12 waveforms. It features 3ch ECG with optional 12ch EKG, SpO2, EtCo2, NIBP, 2IBP with optional 4IBP, optional 4 Temp, ...

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Bionics Corporation
Oxy-CRG patient monitor / RESP / SpO2 / ECG
Oxy-CRG patient monitor

Screen size: 8.4 in

Features 13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis,Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase,Real time S_T segment analysis,pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable; Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator ...

ECG patient monitor / intensive care / compact / with touchscreen
ECG patient monitor
Model 7600

Screen size: 6 in

... trigger monitor intended primarily for use on patients in applications requiring precision R-wave synchronization. Incorporating a simple, easy to use touchscreen interface, the 7600 ...

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Ivy Biomedical Systems Inc
ECG patient monitor / NIBP / temperature / IBP
ECG patient monitor
M5x, M68, M88 , L1xx, L5xx, XLxx series

Screen size: 17, 8.4, 12.1 in

... 21.5" touchscreen monitor Anemon as well. Model M58 - 8,4" display M59 - 8,4‘ display M68 - 8,4‘ display M88 - 8,4’ display LI 58-12,1* ...