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coagulation POC analyzer / INR / whole blood
coagulation POC analyzer

Whole Blood Point of Care System Smart Way to Test Dedicated safety lancet Single use reaction cuvette Innovative RFID reagent identification QC Management Reduce Cost of Care Disposable single-test reagent Whole ...

POC diabetes analyzer / for cardiovascular diseases / multiparametric / hematocrit
POC diabetes analyzer

WIDE ARRAY OF PRIMARY SCREENING ASSAYS Nineteen assays and ratios covering primary care testing requirements from lipids, hematology, liver function to oxidative stress and uric acid. Testing is performed on whole blood. YOUR ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / for cardiovascular diseases / for oxidative stress / for diabetes
multiparametric POC analyzer

The CR3000 devices provide near patient testing healthcare professionals a unique panel of profiles (assays) including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hematology, oxidative stress and antioxidant defense. A product covers all primary ...

oxidative stress POC analyzer / blood / photometric / with touchscreen
oxidative stress POC analyzer
Form Plus 3000

“Screening of OS is essential to delay the development of disease and to improve the quality of life of subjects. In light of this, OS can be defined as a new risk factor for the populations’ health, such as is high BP, high lipid levels ...

inflammatory disease POCT analyzer / for diabetes / blood glucose / CRP
inflammatory disease POCT analyzer

Precision Made Easy InnovaStar® is an automatic compact POCT analyzer for the daily practice that delivers result quality comparable to measurements on laboratory analyzers. Easy ...

diabete POCT analyzer / blood glucose / blood / hand-held
diabete POCT analyzer

· Enzyme: GDH-FAD · Sample size: 1.0 µL · Reaction time: 5 seconds · HCT range: 0 % - 70 % · Glucose range: 10 - 600 mg/dL · USB / WIFI communication · Memory capacity: -1000 measurement results -2000 operator -500 QC ● ...

diabete POCT analyzer / blood / hand-held
diabete POCT analyzer

· Enzyme: HBD · Sample size: 1.0 µL · Reaction time: 10 seconds · HCT range: 0 % - 70 % · Ketone range: 0.1 - 8.0 mmol /L · USB / WIFI communication · Memory capacity: -1000 measurement results -2000 operator -500 QC ● ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / for diabetes / creatinine / lipid
multiparametric POC analyzer

The POCT PRINCE is an advanced chemical analyzer, intended to deliver accurate testing results within 3~10mins. With the 4-channels design, different parameters can process at the same time. The RFID card of each reagent ...

ammonia POC reader / for gastrointestinal infections / Helicobacter pylori / urease
ammonia POC reader

HELIC ABT Reader – is an innovative automatic testing device, a ready-to-use test for qualitative detection of Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) urease activity among patients with suspected H.pylori infection with high accuracy and without ...

tetanus POC reader / FOB / tuberculosis / for drugs
tetanus POC reader

SCREEN READER The Rapid Test Reader “Screen Reader” is a unique Tool for reading and permitting the objective printing of result the several types of rapid tests. Printing Tool realized in accordance with the Law on Occupational Health, ...

POC CRP analyzer / HbA1c / for albuminuria / whole blood
POC CRP analyzer

This instrument can test three samples at the same time, without the need for sample dilution or calibration curve processes. It offers automatic calibration and blinking. There is enough room to store 1,000 results. The unit comes with ...

CLIA POC analyzer / multiparametric / creatine kinase / PCT
CLIA POC analyzer

Kemilo POCT CLIA system ★ One-click operation ★ Single cartridge for each test ★ Auto identification of assay by barcode on reagent cartridge ★ 6 channels for random/batch tests ★ 15 minutes per run ★ No liquid path, ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / TSH / creatine kinase / total T4
multiparametric POC analyzer

GT-100 Time-resolved Fluoroimmunoassay Analyzer ★ Small sample volume ★ No sample pretreatment needed ★ Simple test procedure ★ No interference for fluorescense background ★ High sensitivity ★ Principle: ...

lateral flow POC reader / multiparametric / with touchscreen / wireless
lateral flow POC reader

Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Customisation As part of our lateral flow reader OEM services, we offer our contract customers with a desktop lateral flow reader option by utilising CE marked and FDA registered reader technology from ADxLR5®. In ...

cardiovascular disease POC analyzer / RSV / D-dimer / PCT
cardiovascular disease POC analyzer
RAMP® 200

Cardiac testing diagnostic solutions When every minute counts Up to 6 tests in Random Access Results in less than 20 minutes A comprehensive menu of tests TnI, NTproBNP, Myo, CKMB, D-dimer, Procalcitonin (PCT), Flu A+B, RSV, hCG*… High ...

POC diabetes analyzer / for genotyping / HPV / DNA analysis
POC diabetes analyzer

e-BRID is a new automatic platform proposing a strategy satisfying the need for a cheap, fast, easy and patient-friendly diagnostic tool able to detect the majority of the HPV infections (36 genotyping). The platform is based on the principle ...

INR POC analyzer / whole blood
INR POC analyzer

Coag S whole blood INR POC Instrument is for professional users having to screen INR test. Comes with self monitoring, measuring curvette and a one drop capillary blood assay. Superior correlation with cíassical PT ...

celiac disease POC reader / for gastrointestinal infections / lateral flow
celiac disease POC reader

Lateral flow reader The Biohit Quick Test Reader (QTR), for the Biohit lateral flow ColonView and Celiac quick tests, is intended to provide a “negative” or a “positive” confirmation of the visual reading of the test line as – “not visible” ...

POC cancer analyzer / gynecology
POC cancer analyzer
HURO PATH® E-Prep Plus

HURO PATH® LBC Processor is designed diagnostics of both cervical cancer and Non-gynecological cancer.

sickle-cell disease POC reader / hemoglobin / blood / immunoassay
sickle-cell disease POC reader

THE NEED 90% of Sickle Cell patients receive at least one blood transfusion in their lifetime. These blood transfusions not only help to maintain proper hemoglobin levels, but also to prevent stroke, one of the most common ...

oxidative stress POC analyzer / for research / photometric
oxidative stress POC analyzer
FREE Carpe Diem

Thanks to its particular technical specifications FREE Carpe Diem is an integrated analytical system that permits any type of chemical-clinical analysis based on the principle of photometry. It is specifically designed to carry out not ...

oxidative stress POC analyzer / for research
oxidative stress POC analyzer

FREE DUO is the latest instrument developed by Diacron International. It has been specifically designed for the assessment of oxidative stress and performs the Panel Carratelli tests rapidly and effortlessly. The simplicity of FREE DUO ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / whole blood / serum / urine
multiparametric POC analyzer

Through converging the expertise and technologies of its two parent companies, OJ‑Bio developed a biosensor technology capable of measuring biomarkers on biochips. The Xtalline product range represents the state‑of‑the‑art in mobile enabled ...

high-throughput POC reader / multiparametric / for cardiovascular diseases / for infectious diseases
high-throughput POC reader
RAMP® 200

High Throughput, Multi-Port Reader Response Biomedical Corp. delivers fast and accurate applications on the RAMP® 200, with an average time to result of ~15 minutes. The RAMP® 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader with innovative design ...

portable POC reader / multiparametric / for cardiovascular diseases / laboratory
portable POC reader

Fully Portable Point of Care Testing Solution Response Biomedical Corp. delivers fast and accurate applications on the RAMP® Reader, with an average time to result of ~15 minutes. The RAMP® Reader is a fully portable, ...

multiparametric POC reader / laboratory
multiparametric POC reader

Ever wish you didn’t have to interpret the test results yourself? Want to eliminate the human error factor associated with visual reads? Then try the Alfa-Scan Multi-Functional Reader and obtain more accurate results with consistent reproducibility ...

infectious disease POC analyzer / CRP / blood / immunochromatographic
infectious disease POC analyzer

The Magnia® Reader is a sensitive, precise, easy-to-use, low-cost magnetometer for use with immunochromatographic magnetic assays. Magnetic immunoassays (MIAs) have many advantages, in particular the high sensitivity and precision with ...

POC cancer analyzer / for tumor markers / isothermal nucleic acid amplification
POC cancer analyzer

Precise lymph node analysis providing accurate staging Reliable diagnostic information for therapy decision High flexibility in multi-cancer application (CE-marked for breast, colon and gastric cancer) Axillary management and the ...

POC blood analyzer / multiparametric / portable
POC blood analyzer

A SINGLE, INTEGRATED POINT-OF-CARE TESTING SOLUTION The i-STAT handheld accelerates the patient care decision-making process with a system that makes patient-side testing fast, easy and accurate. The i-STAT handheld operates with the ...

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Abbott Point Of Care
customizable POC reader / multiparametric / lateral flow / with touchscreen
customizable POC reader
ESEQuant LR3

For measurement of fluorescence or colorimetric lateral flow tests Small, standalone instrument Customizable system with short time to market Simplified data input via state-of-the-art touchscreen Laboratory Information System (LIS) ...

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QIAGEN Lake Constance
respiratory infection POC analyzer / Streptococcus A / influenza A / influenza B
respiratory infection POC analyzer
BD Veritor™ Plus System

... objective, lab-quality immunoassay test results within minutes. This fast and accurate solution streamlines the point-of-care (POC) diagnostic workflow and allows providers to quickly review patient results and determine ...

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cardiovascular disease POC analyzer / blood
cardiovascular disease POC analyzer
Alere Cholestech LDX®

... resultsAccurate, actionable results from the leader in point-of-care lipid testing.The CLIA-waived Alere Cholestech LDX® Analyzer is engineered for confidence, providing accurate, actionable, and readily accessible results ...

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