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coagulation POC analyzer / INR / whole blood
coagulation POC analyzer

Whole Blood Point of Care System Smart Way to Test Dedicated safety lancet Single use reaction cuvette Innovative RFID reagent identification QC Management Reduce Cost of Care Disposable ...

POC diabetes analyzer / for cardiovascular diseases / multiparametric / hematocrit
POC diabetes analyzer

... requirements from lipids, hematology, liver function to oxidative stress and uric acid. Testing is performed on whole blood. YOUR CHOICE: SINGLE TEST OPTION MODE Need to perform an individual cholesterol, glucose ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / for cardiovascular diseases / for oxidative stress / for diabetes
multiparametric POC analyzer

... thanks to the presence of three reading cells in the instrument -Testing is performed on tiny capillary blood samples (on average 10ul) -Blood samples are collected in capillaries, placed into cuvettes ...

oxidative stress POC analyzer / blood / photometric / with touchscreen
oxidative stress POC analyzer
Form Plus 3000

... The Form Plus is the original system for oxidative stress screening and monitoring. User friendly operation, tiny whole blood samples, results in minutes and room temperature consumables, makes the system ideal for ...

inflammatory disease POCT analyzer / for diabetes / blood glucose / CRP
inflammatory disease POCT analyzer

Precision Made Easy InnovaStar® is an automatic compact POCT analyzer for the daily practice that delivers result quality comparable to measurements on laboratory analyzers. Easy ...

diabete POCT analyzer / blood glucose / blood / hand-held
diabete POCT analyzer

· Enzyme: GDH-FAD · Sample size: 1.0 µL · Reaction time: 5 seconds · HCT range: 0 % - 70 % · Glucose range: 10 - 600 mg/dL · USB / WIFI communication · Memory capacity: -1000 measurement results -2000 operator -500 QC ● ...

diabete POCT analyzer / blood / hand-held
diabete POCT analyzer

· Enzyme: HBD · Sample size: 1.0 µL · Reaction time: 10 seconds · HCT range: 0 % - 70 % · Ketone range: 0.1 - 8.0 mmol /L · USB / WIFI communication · Memory capacity: -1000 measurement results -2000 operator -500 QC ● ...

POC CRP analyzer / HbA1c / for albuminuria / whole blood
POC CRP analyzer

... with a reaction chamber with temperature control. There are three assays available: CRP whole blood, HbA1c, and urine microalbumin. The CRP Assay in whole blood provides results in two minutes. There ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / TSH / creatine kinase / total T4
multiparametric POC analyzer

GT-100 Time-resolved Fluoroimmunoassay Analyzer ★ Small sample volume ★ No sample pretreatment needed ★ Simple test procedure ★ No interference for fluorescense background ★ High sensitivity ★ Principle: ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / for diabetes / creatinine / lipid
multiparametric POC analyzer

The POCT PRINCE is an advanced chemical analyzer, intended to deliver accurate testing results within 3~10mins. With the 4-channels design, different parameters can process at the same time. The RFID card of each reagent ...

multiparametric POC analyzer / whole blood / serum / urine
multiparametric POC analyzer

... technology to be used to its full potential with biological samples and the resulting devices are able to detect biomarkers in blood, urine or saliva.

INR POC analyzer / whole blood
INR POC analyzer

Coag S whole blood INR POC Instrument is for professional users having to screen INR test. Comes with self monitoring, measuring curvette and a one drop capillary blood assay. Superior ...

sickle-cell disease POC reader / hemoglobin / blood / immunoassay
sickle-cell disease POC reader

THE NEED 90% of Sickle Cell patients receive at least one blood transfusion in their lifetime. These blood transfusions not only help to maintain proper hemoglobin levels, but also to prevent ...

infectious disease POC analyzer / CRP / blood / immunochromatographic
infectious disease POC analyzer

The Magnia® Reader is a sensitive, precise, easy-to-use, low-cost magnetometer for use with immunochromatographic magnetic assays. Magnetic immunoassays (MIAs) have many advantages, in particular the high sensitivity and precision with ...

POC blood analyzer / multiparametric / portable
POC blood analyzer

... results into your facility's software FOUR EASY STEPS TO BLOOD ANALYSIS - AT THE PATIENT’S SIDE Patient-side testing with the i-STAT System is as easy as inserting 2 or 3 drops of blood into the ...

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Abbott Point Of Care
cardiovascular disease POC analyzer / blood
cardiovascular disease POC analyzer
Alere Cholestech LDX®

... resultsAccurate, actionable results from the leader in point-of-care lipid testing.The CLIA-waived Alere Cholestech LDX® Analyzer is engineered for confidence, providing accurate, actionable, and readily accessible results ...

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cardiovascular disease POC analyzer / whole blood
cardiovascular disease POC analyzer
cobas h 232

... cobas h 232 system makes instant diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease in patients easier as it detects cardiac blood indicators (myoglobin, troponin T, D-dimer, CK-MB, and NT-proBNP) rapidly with ease.

multiparametric POC analyzer / ASO / PSA / potassium
multiparametric POC analyzer

Since we introduced the CUBE in 2013, thousands of them have been installed all over the world. Countless tests are processed on its platform every day – the CUBE is easy to operate and delivers fast and precise results. The CUBE-S is ...

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Eurolyser Diagnostica
infectious disease POC reader / blood / nasopharyngeal / with touchscreen
infectious disease POC reader
ichroma™ TRIAS

... TRIAS Reader is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device that measures the concentration of targeted analyte from a sample such as blood, nasal swabs, and nasopharyngeal swab in a quantitative or semi-quantitative way. The ...

infectious disease POCT analyzer / multiparametric / for cardiovascular diseases / for diabetes
infectious disease POCT analyzer
Finecare™ FIA

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Wondfo Biotech
sepsis POC analyzer / PCT / serum / plasma
sepsis POC analyzer

RAPIO AND R ELIAS LE POCT PL A TF O RM SEPSIS MARKER PROCALCITONIN (PCT)** Procalcitonin (PCT) Latex Enhanced Immunoturbi-dimetric Semm/Plasma 10 min 60 uLCV < 8% 0.0-17.72 ng/mL

G6PD POC reader / for genetic disorders / whole blood
G6PD POC reader
CareStart™ G6PD

... measurement of total G6PD activity Specimen Whole blood Specimen Volume 5 ㎕ Result Time 4 minutes Package Size Analyzer : 1 ea/box Strip : 25 strips/bottle Package ...

pregnancy POC reader / for antibodies / for antigens / blood
pregnancy POC reader

Unique Multiplexing capabilities on a single test stripAb and Ag detection on a single test without cross reactionsPossibility to print up to 10 reagents on a single test stripUnique Quantitative capabilitiesWide detection range without ...

cardiovascular disease POCT analyzer / for infectious diseases / for thyroid diseases / for cancers
cardiovascular disease POCT analyzer

... reactions, SelexOnTM screens for disease and checks status by qualitatively and quantitatively measuring biomarkers in human blood.Features Measures over 30 kinds of biomarkers such as cardiac and thyroid disorders, ...

hematology POC reader / blood metabolites / electrolyte / blood
hematology POC reader

The epoc® Reader: Auto-calibrates the epoc® Test Card prior to sample introduction Communicates bi-directionally with the epoc Host2 via Bluetooth® Fully portable; AC/rechargeable battery Serves as a charging base for ...

kidney disease POC analyzer / creatinine / blood / hand-held
kidney disease POC analyzer
StatStrip® CREAT

... stick capillary blood sampling at the point of care. Simple Test Procedure Place biosensor in meter Stick finger to create blood drop Apply blood drop to biosensor Read creatinine results Virtually ...

POC diabetes analyzer / HbA1c / blood / immunoassay
POC diabetes analyzer
Wellion LOOPO

... value describes the average blood glucose level of the last 8 to 10 weeks, regardless of whether the values have been risen sharply or declined in the meanwhile. That's why the HbA1c value is often referred to as long-term ...

lateral flow POC analyzer / multiparametric / blood
lateral flow POC analyzer
LFT 100

... development software. In addition, the LFT 100 is ready to analyze a large variety of tests with high accuracy. Lateral flow testers are usually designed for one single type of test. The LFT 100 facilitates the analysis ...

multiparametric POC reader / blood ammonia / blood / portable
multiparametric POC reader

... separate printer unit, and whole blood sample is available with easy operation. You can measure blood ammonia anytime, anywhere and by anyone without any care about increasing ammonia level. Needs ...