Sensors for the medical industry

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temperature sensor / for the medical industry / intensive care / hand-held
temperature sensor
MC-EB series

Compatible major brands * Air Shielded ( AS ) * Drager ( DG ) * Mindray-Datascope ( DT ) * Philips ( HP, PM ) * Marquette ( MQ ) * Mindray ( MR ) * YSI400 ( YSI ) * Ohmeda ( OH ) * ............ Features * Single patient ...

pressure sensor / for the medical industry
pressure sensor
GZ71.47, GZ71.49

Pressure range: 10, 250 bar

Pressure sensors are used in digital alarm panels to detect high and low pressure Positive Pressure Transmitter Specs: • Measurement range:0 - 250bar • Signal output:4 - 20mA • Mechanical connection:G 1/4 “ • ...

conductivity sensor / for the medical industry
conductivity sensor

GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin, which provides a measure of psychological arousal. Integrated with Tobii Pro Lab for the synchronized recording of GSR data and ...

position sensor / movement / for the medical industry
position sensor

BED SENSOR PAD Replacement sensor pads measuring 11 x 30 in (28 x 76 cm) designed to meet the most demanding of long term use. They are designed to stay put, meaning fewer false alarms. Smaller pads ...

limb mobility sensor / for the medical industry
limb mobility sensor

Our sensors are known as the most precise and durable on the market. The sensors are connected to a 200cm paired leadwire with 2 touch proof DIN42802 connectors.

pressure sensor / laboratory / for the medical industry
pressure sensor

The Remote DP Sensor has been designed for cleanroom operations with an IP67 rated housing and easy field service features. The Remote DP Sensor combines a flexible field selectable range, output and ...

position sensor / for the medical industry
position sensor
Nemuri SCAN

... minimizing any disturbance on the user. Heart Rate and Respiration Rate can also be monitored so that caregivers can respond to medical situations in time. Individual Care, Prompt Update The sleep patterns of each ...

oxygen sensor / for respiratory devices
oxygen sensor

oxygen sensor / for the medical industry
oxygen sensor

Used for monitor oxygen in intensive care respirators and incubators, ENVITEC oxygen sensors have a double membrane leading to reliability and an extended lifetime.