instrument cabinet / laboratory / with shelf / with door
instrument cabinet

- made of stormiest steel 1.4301 oder 1.4571 sidewalls. - floor and top double-walled - adjustable shells - drain for fresh and waste car - doors double-walled - glass section - removable basin underneath floor ...

radioactive isotope cabinet / laboratory / stainless steel
radioactive isotope cabinet

... the floor, on tables, on stands, or on specially produced tables of steel tubing. Standard version: Free-standing vault with fully double-walled, powder-coated sheet steel housing (triple-walled, ...

sterile material cabinet / hospital / with sink / with door
sterile material cabinet

contrast media cabinet / for temperature-sensitive products / for consumables / doctor's office
contrast media cabinet

Heating Cabinet Lightweight and high-performance Compact heating cabinet for flexible use Small and lightweight for CT use Heating of viscous contrast agents for higher flow rates ...

hospital cabinet / with shelf / with door / stainless steel
hospital cabinet
DP series

• Made of AISI 304 stainless steel • Configurable parts: Glass door tower cabinets, glass door wall mounted cabinet, preparation desk with shelf, glass & steel ...

hospital cabinet / with shelf / with drawer / with door
hospital cabinet
DP90.10, DP20.25, DP30.54, DP80.10

• Made of AISI 304 stainless steel • Configurable parts: Glass door tower cabinets,glass door wall mounted cabinet, preparation desk with drawers

instrument cabinet / for sterilization baskets / stainless steel
instrument cabinet
TK-ICBO series

Specifications - Dimensions(mm): 1100x700x1800 - Body frame: Stainless steel 304 - Basket Rail: ABS plastic molded - Door: 5t clear glass - Door mounted type in each side

drying cabinet / for linen / 2-door / stainless steel
drying cabinet

... with sales. The drying cabinet works at sub-atmospheric pressure, thus eliminating any leakage of air into the room Twin fans and air ducts give perfect air balance and a uniform drying result throughout the entire ...

first aid cabinet / hospital / with shelf / with door
first aid cabinet
FM 045

This stainless steel and aluminum shelf-style first aid kit is designed to allow the user to customize the shelves inside box, the locking system enables only authorised users of the kit access to its ...

security cabinet / radioactive isotope / hospital / with drawer
security cabinet

... organizes and handles radioisotopes. The 12 drawer cabinet will allow the user to sort materials into a variety of categories while providing an efficient work area. Specifications Twelve stainless ...

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