Stainless steel cabinets

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hospital cabinet / stainless steel / wall-mounted
hospital cabinet

instrument cabinet / hospital / 2-door / stainless steel
instrument cabinet
3697 series, 2624G, 4724G

A stainless steel mobile storage cabinet with tempered glass doors ensures that the right supplies get to the right place. Durable construction with 18-gauge stainless ...

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Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.
instrument cabinet / operating room / with shelf / with door
instrument cabinet

• Made of stainless steel to be used in operating theatres and intervention rooms • Lockable glass doors and 2 adjustable shelves at top • Lockable steel doors at bottom • 4 adjustable ...

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medicine cabinet / security / with shelf / with drawer
medicine cabinet
JMS series

... convenience and security for any application where medicines are stored and dispensed. Available in 4’, 5’ and 6’ widths, these stainless steel work stations feature separate key locks for the hypnotics ...

hospital cabinet / 2-door / stainless steel
hospital cabinet

CUSTOM CABINETRY MANUFACTURED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS - Fully Welded Construction - Multiple Layouts for Individual Requirements - Full CAD Renderings - Engineered Room Layouts in CAD

medicine cabinet / hospital / 2-door / stainless steel
medicine cabinet

AkroBin® Cabinets featuring Keyless Electronic Locking Systems provide secure storage protection for tools, dies, supplies, and personal belongings. Assign separate codes for up to 20 users. All-welded cabinets ...

drying cabinet / for endoscopes / stainless steel / ventilated
drying cabinet

Endo ventilated cabinets are specifically designed to ensure a safe and hygienic drying and storage of your endoscopes. HEPA filtered air is cyclically or continuously flushed into the cabinet (Endo 1) ...

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SciCan Medical
hospital cabinet / with shelf / stainless steel / wall-mounted
hospital cabinet
51XX Series

veterinary clinic cabinet / stainless steel
veterinary clinic cabinet

Constructed of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel and 1/4 tempered glass Upper & Lower cabinets are accessible from either side Double door upper cabinet is equipped ...

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Tristar Vet
chemical product cabinet / laboratory / with shelf / with swing doors
chemical product cabinet
AI series

... Zefiro ventilated storage cabinet 70 IVD: IVD CE: Category: Instruments : Cabinets Category: Accessioning : Susctioned cabinets Packaging: 01 pc Clone: Notes: Info: Zefiro ...

supply cabinet / catheter / for endoscopes / hospital
supply cabinet

FREESTANDING STAINLESS STEEL SUPPLY CABINET The FSSC supply cabinet features one double-pan, glazed door hung on full-length stainless hinges. The door ...

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sterile material cabinet / for clean rooms / with shelf / 1-door
sterile material cabinet

... made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The pass-through cabinets can be equipped with solid shelves or with slides made of stainless steel u-profiles onto ...

supply cabinet / operating room / modular / stainless steel
supply cabinet
5000 Series

The Stanley InnerSpace 5000 series has been designed to fit into any space and department of the hospital. It allows for supplies to be oragnized with ease with a variety of interchangeable storage accessories (sold separately) to customize ...

operating room cabinet / with sink / with door / stainless steel
operating room cabinet

Compuesto por: Table, wash-basin y wall protection of stainless steel. Glass of protection of 6 mm - in a side or in both-. An expandable tray.

modular cabinet / sterilization / for sterile materials / hospital
modular cabinet
SE 1400

HOEHLE-medical stainless steel modular wall cabinets are designed for sterilization ward and can be personalized with several options. The cabinets can be endowed ...

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blanket cabinet / operating room / with shelf / 1-door
blanket cabinet

... Warming Cabinet Warming Cabinet Set temperature control via key pad Great for warming solutions and blanket warming Stainless Steel Warming Cabinet Casters ...

medicine cabinet / hospital / with shelf / 4-door
medicine cabinet
STM - 130

Stainless Steel Medicine Cabinet Product Information Made of 304 Stainless Steel Please send us query to learn more !

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SANTEMOL Group Medikal
instrument cabinet / with shelf / 4-door / stainless steel
instrument cabinet

G-7 Stainless steel Instrument Cupboard Size: 1850*900*400mm

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Hebei Vanry Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
storage cupboard / for general purpose / hospital / with drawer
storage cupboard

... storage cabinet with two stainless steel shelves. Narcotic locker and three glass shelves in the upper section independently lock. The bottom section consists of three ...

endoscope cabinet / hospital / with shelf / 2-door
endoscope cabinet

FUNCTION Cabinet is designed to store four endoscopes in hanging position and its accessories. CONSTRUCTION Cabinet is made of stainless steel. The right side of ...

medicine cabinet / for instruments / hospital / with shelf
medicine cabinet

Specifications: Made of Grade 304 stainless steel Adjustable legs Two glass doors with lock Three shelves Size: 45x90x180cm

sterilization cabinet / for instruments / hospital / 2-door
sterilization cabinet
MMD 2082

For entire sterilization required centers Grade 304 stainless steel Stainless adjustable feet Lockable doors Flexible production in different designs and dimensions Dimensions (WxLxH): ...

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pharmacy cabinet / with shelf / 2-drawer / 4-door
pharmacy cabinet

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Tali Medical
defibrillator cabinet / with door / stainless steel / aluminum
defibrillator cabinet
182, 184, 198

... outdoor AED cabinet is made of high impact polystyrene and is available in three different versions, suitable for tropical to arctic temperatures. This cabinet is a 100% dust- and waterproof. By storing ...

medicine cabinet / with shelf / with door / recessed
medicine cabinet

2-Shelf Plastic Body Medicine Cabinet Recessed Sturdy, one-piece Polystyrene body Full-Size Float Glass Mirror with Stainless Steel Frame Door features full-length piano hinge & magnetic ...