laboratory stereo microscope / optical / binocular / zoom
laboratory stereo microscope
ZM180 series

The ZM1 80 Sériés Zoom Stereomicroscopes offer smooth, continuons zoom magnification, through the entire 7x - 45x range. Available with a variety of stand and illumination choices; the standard optical configurations ...

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HTI Medical Inc.
laboratory stereo microscope / for teaching / optical / upright
laboratory stereo microscope

Stereomicroscopes line specifically dedicated amateur and educational use. Wide range with different technical characteristics which (type of lighting and tripods different magnifications), to satisfy the users. Excellent ...

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ORMA srl
organic stereo microscope / for research / optical / binocular
organic stereo microscope

... accessories,it can be used widely for scientific research,industry,biological and medical field. · Research-level stereo microscope,first srereo microscope with Galileo system and large ...

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Nanjing Jiangnan Novel Optics Co.,Ltd.
laboratory stereo microscope / optical / binocular
laboratory stereo microscope

Stereoscopic Microscope Most compact and light weight sturdy base fitted with eyepiece 10x or 15x.

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The Western Electric & Scientific Works
laboratory stereo microscope / optical / trinocular / fluorescence
laboratory stereo microscope
SXT-500 series

The application of the stereo fluorescence system is in the field of anything that involves DNA research. Most of this research has to do with trying to turn on or turn off a particular gene within the DNA and then seeing ...

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dental laboratory stereo microscope / optical / binocular
dental laboratory stereo microscope
Mobiloskop S series

Mobiloskop S - Clear view for delicate workFunction & PerformanceOne microscope for up to 4 workplaces! The 360° swivel-mounted support arm allows a single microscope to be utilized from several workplaces ...

laboratory stereo microscope / optical / bench-top / zoom
laboratory stereo microscope