Washable cushions

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seat cushion / dynamic air / square / anti-decubitus
seat cushion

Features The 5200 Low Air Loss is the ultimate seating system and had been designed for clients at the high risk. It is fabricated from durable long lasting materials and is intended to withstand the demand s of the modern care environment. ...

seat cushion / for wheelchairs / for people with reduced mobility / gel
seat cushion

It is a wheelchair cushion providing a comfortable and healthy sitting designed in such a way to distribute the body weight on the sitting surface. It greatly eliminates the risk of decubitus ulcer and sweating. • ...

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neck support pillow / washable / anatomical
neck support pillow

Ortopedical anatomic pillow in "Waterlily", pure cotton cover It is a pillow - support for the neck, its particular anatomical shape helps to support and traction of the cervical vertebrae, in every way you can sleep, it always gives ...

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cervical positioning cushion / neck support / foam / cylindrical
cervical positioning cushion
321, 320

The Cervical Roll is available in two sizes: Smaller and firmer foam Larger and softer foam Place the Cervical Roll inside the pillowcase, under the neck. The purpose of the Roll ...

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Pelican Manufacturing
head positioning pillow / rectangular / washable
head positioning pillow

For easy and comfortable moving higher up in bed or into a seated position The patented, self-retracting handles are not the only features of this pillowcase, but they are very handy when you need to help a user move higher up in bed ...

support pillow / positioning / visco-elastic foam / cylindrical
support pillow

DESCRIPTION The positioning roll is designed to turn over the patients or help them to change the position. Roll is intended to be used for the bedridden people who are commonly suffering from the bed ...

seat cushion / for wheelchairs / foam / square
seat cushion

Made to measure for your wheelchair. Washable. Antibacterial. Breathable.

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Oracing Wheelchairs
support pillow / pediatric / infant / visco-elastic foam
support pillow

✔ SAFE: 1.) Viscoelastic memory foam filling and integrated head moulding help in the prevention of flat head syndrome. 2.) Breathable pillowcase allows the best possible airflow protection to help prevent SIDS (cot death). ✔ NON-TOXIC: ...

washable cushion / electric / warming
washable cushion

1, Removable and washable soft fleece cover 2, inner waterproof PVC heating pad 3, Over heating and overcurrent protection 4, Size: 30*40cm or 40*50cm 5, Voltage: 220-240V - 50Hz 6, Power: 45W 7, 3 temperature(0-1-2-3)level ...

support pillow / positioning / medical / visco-elastic foam
support pillow

... comfortable during the night. • Includes a stretch, terry cover which form fits to the shape of the pillow. • Machine washable. • Overall Dimensions: 20″ x 4.5″ x 14.5″

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Contour Products, Inc.
seat cushion / support / for wheelchairs / square
seat cushion
Vector O2

The first machine washable wheelchair cushion for maximum hygiene. The Vector O2 is the first air displacement wheelchair cushion that is entirely machine washable ...

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Vicair BV
ear positioning pillow / medical / rectangular / washable
ear positioning pillow

... reduces pressure in the ear. COMPOSITION Bamboo ( 30 % bamboo , 70 % polyester) . Fiberfill .DIMENSIONS 50x42x11cmMAINTENANCE Washable by hand or machine , neutral detergent , at 40 , suppressing the spin. Avoid abrasive ...

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support pillow / polyurethane / washable / wedge-shaped
support pillow


neck support cushion / washable / anatomical
neck support cushion
happyback® Relax-Nex®

... performing exercises, your head is always perfectly embedded and floating on a velvety soft cushion of air - almost like lying on clouds. Hygienic because its washable. Includes instructions and a needle ...

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human pad / warming / washable / electric
human pad

... heating system Beautiful design, professional technology updated Very soft and delicate Large size 40 * 60 cm A washable pad and washable washbasin Reach the initial heat for only ...

neck support pillow / visco-elastic / washable / anatomical
neck support pillow

... - Antibacterial. - Antiallergenic. - Prevents mold formation. - Indeformable. - Removable and washable outer cover. The SENSEI viscoelastic pillow is manufactured with an ergonomic design, ...

seat cushion / washable / anti-decubitus
seat cushion

DEA-Soft cod. ISO DEA-Soft is a seat pad made of technical material, that assures a complete comfort and safety for patients with medium decubitus risk.DEA-Soft is composed of two materials: the lower layer ...

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support cushion / visco-elastic / polyurethane / washable
support cushion

This Back support cushion is made of visco-elastic memory polyurethane foam molded on a semi-rigid base that adapts to any type of chair or wheelchair, whatever the form. It allows an effective correction of the position ...

head positioning cushion / for wheelchairs / vacuum / washable
head positioning cushion

Straight orthopedic headrest which can be easily shaped to patient’s head. It can be mounted to most of the wheelchairs, positioning chairs as well as standing frames. The products have self-adhesive function which makes it possible to ...

pelvic positioning cushion / foam / washable / fire-resistant
pelvic positioning cushion

This cushion helps to prevent bedsores for bedridden patients, and facilitates the treatment of patients with bedsores. The cushion is placed under the pelvis. Properties of the cushion: ...

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head positioning cushion / positioning / washable / anatomical
head positioning cushion

The anti decubitus evolution head positioner is executed in two shapes. Style 1 (small and large) enhanced head stability and patient safety Style 2 (medium and large) allow ease of Endotracheal Intubation. Both positioners have several ...

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Bos Medical International
back positioning cushion / seat / support / vacuum
back positioning cushion
VAKUCARE 10000, 10001

VAKUFORM BASIC Seat Vacuum seat cushion with a 3.5 mm neoprene covering. Size up to 46x46x6 cm. VAKUFORM BASIC Seat XXL Vacuum seat cushion with a 3.5 mm neoprene covering. Size up to 60x60x6 cm.

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seat cushion / for wheelchairs / static air / washable
seat cushion

... cold. - Air is flowing through the independent cushions and the air keeps a patient's skin dry. It helps a patient maintain comfortable and stable posture. - Air is uniformly charged into cushions, ...

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Young Won Medical
support cushion / vacuum / washable
support cushion
461 3040

... you blow the cushion up, you can use it as air cushion. All 4FORM vacuum cushions are made to be non-slip and dimensionally stable from a special soft PVC foil. They are washable ...

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B.u.W. Schmidt
seat cushion / foam / washable / square
seat cushion

The booster cushion helps raise a chair's height when the normal seat height is not sufficient. The booster cushion's front edge is made from superlon, the rest is made from molded foam plastic mixture. ...

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Tukimet Oy