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iOS visualization application / medical imaging / for PACS



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  • Application domain:

    medical imaging, for PACS


When Opal-RAD professional workstation software is joined with Zero-Footprint DICOM viewer, viewing of images become easier at anytime anywhere on any device. mOpal (mobile Opal) viewer is browser dependent for reviewing images on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, tablets and smart phones which include iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. It offers fastest possible access both onsite or remotely available with any 20/20 system. It is accessible on tablets, Macs, and mobile phones. This is ideal for using in exam room and offsite for viewing and consults. It offers zero footprints with no need of download or app. With same user-name and password as 20/20 Imaging PACS, it is ideally recommended for physicians. Patient list and images can be seen anywhere, any time. Filtering during patients search is easy. Besides having toolsets for X-Ray, CT, MR, Ultrasound and many more, it comes with tap, drag, and pinch movements for image navigation which make it an ergonomic device.