laboratory microscope / for research / optical / inverted
EXI-310 series



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for research

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:

    inverted, compact, trinocular

  • Observation technique:

    fluorescence, phase contrast

  • Other characteristics:



New Compact, Inverted Microscope for Routine & Research Applications
Utilizing ACCU-SCOPE's AIS optical system and LED illumination for both diascopic and epi-fluorescence imaging, the new EXI-310 microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and digital imaging. The streamlined design and operation enhance its use for routine laboratory work, and the compact size allows the EXI-310 to easily fit into a hood or next to an incubator.
Optical SystemAIS Infinity Optical System, anti-fungalObservation MethodBrightfield, Phase Contrast, Epi-FluorescenceViewing BodyTrinocular, inclined 45°; Interpupillary distance: 54-75mm, Siedentopf type; Eyepiece/camera port (standard): 100/0:80/20, Fluorescence: 100/0:0/100