dental X-ray generator / analog / on casters
X-Mind™ AC



  • Type of system:

    dental X-ray generator

  • Technology:


  • Ergonomics:

    on casters


The new X-Mind AC generator is the perfect device for a concentrated, high density radiation. The device is fitted to a monophased auto rectifier tube of Toshiba DG-073B for generating a 70 kV high voltage with an ideal intensity of 8mA. The rays are emitted from a 0.7mm diameter focal point to ensure greater accuracy. Long standard cone suits the parallel technique and the large wavelength of the emitted rays generates a widespread grey scale picture which allows a better differentiation of the anatomical details. The new timer programme goes well with the D,E and F type of films. The installation can be remotely done with one or two units bringing a complete new unique concept of X-mind with flexible use in intra-oral radiography.