heating furnace / cremation / for animals / high-capacity

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heating furnace / cremation / for animals / high-capacity heating furnace / cremation / for animals / high-capacity - A50-IC


  • Function:

    heating, cremation

  • Applications:

    for animals

  • Other characteristics:



The Addfield A50IC(1), A50IC(2) and A50IC(3) is a high capacity, highly productive Pet Cremation Machine.The Pyrotec A50IC is a state of the art modern pet cremation machine.There is no other Multiple Pet Cremation unit that meet’s the A50’s productivity.It has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the large pet cremation services company.Available in three differant sizes, detailed below, the A50 pet cremation machine is configured to provide two adjacent cremator chambers, each are individually controlled for independent operation.Using a Hot Hearth principle of combustion, heat is utilised and forced under the primary chamber floor, this combustion system effectively eliminates any cold spots underneath a placed animal in the primary chamber.The same heating principle is also found in almost every human crematorium, as is the robust and reliable brick lined refractory system used at Addfield.The A50IC is particularly suited for animal crematoria and research centres it is equipped with the necessary sophistication of control and designed to cremate animal carcasses in an efficient, clean and environmentally safe manner.The machines work on rotating system. The machine consists of two chambers, the upper chamber where by the animals are loaded, once almost complete the remains are rotated into a finishing chamber. The upper chamber is cleaned and a second animal is loaded. The remains of the first animal are removed from the finishing chamber.