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skin closure surgery tissue adhesive skin closure surgery tissue adhesive - CUTIS


  • Applications:

    skin closure surgery


CUTIS Topical Skin Adhesive * is a polyurethane-based surgical adhesive intended for topical application only, to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions, including incisions from minimally invasive surgery that have easily approximated skin edges.

The device shall be used in conjunction with, but not in place of deep dermal sutures. The adhesive remains in contact with the patient’s skin for approximately 10-12 days before ultimately falling off.

Provided in a single-use two-chamber syringe, the adhesive comes ready-to-use and can be applied instantly to the wound site.

CUTIS Topical Skin Adhesive provides a variety of features that set it apart from commonly used topical adhesives, based on cyanoacrylate.

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