vascular surgery tissue adhesive

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vascular surgery tissue adhesive vascular surgery tissue adhesive - VIVO
  • Vascular surgery tissue adhesive


  • Applications:

    vascular surgery


VIVO* is a polyurethane-based surgical sealant, designed as an adjunct to standard methods of achieving hemostasis in vascular reconstructions by mechanically sealing areas of leakage.

The delivery system for VIVO is a two-chamber syringe. VIVO’s formulation allows for use in a wet environment (e.g. in areas of bleeding). Potential application areas of VIVO include:

vascular reconstructions,
aortic root replacements,
arterial and venous bleeding as well as
suture line reinforcement in cardiovascular procedures for preventing bleeding and leakage at the site of anastomosis.

Further potential applications include sealing tissue-graft anastomoses in cardiac and vascular surgery.

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