infant phototherapy lamp / hand-held / blue light



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    blue light


The Advanced® PT-2000 is a Phototherapy Lamp used in the treatment of hyper-bilirubinemia, to decrease bilirubin levels in infants with severe jaundice. The Advanced® PT-2000 uses LED technology to expose the patient to radiation, focused on the blue visible light spectrum to eliminate bilirubin in the infant’s blood,ApplicationsThe Advanced® PT-2000 LED Phototherapy Lamp is used in Pediatric Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Nursery Units and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Key Features Advance blue spectrum irradiation technology Super LED, with a high degree of blue spectrum radiation Luminous intensity adjustment Radiation intensity according to basic necessities Infra-red and Ultra-violet rays attenuator Great radiation in the working area Low energy consumption Built-in timer for treatment time and calendar Lamp time counter Memory of radiation RS232 output for computer or printer Manual or automatic measurements to print in report Radiometer with optical probe optional Presentations: *With suction cups to be used over the Incubator *With Arm to be used with Infant Warmer *With mobile base to be use with cradles, incubators etc. Two years warranty